Minecraft Redditor humorously shows a hill full of passive mobs

All kinds of Minecraft farm animals spawning on a hill (Image via u/EStoorm Reddit)
All kinds of Minecraft farm animals spawning on a hill (Image via u/EStoorm Reddit)
Akshat Kabra

Minecraft has a unique way of spawning different mobs in a region. Several factors play a role in spawning them like light level, biome, time of day, etc. However, the game's code can sometimes have a slight glitch and spawn several mobs in one place. Something similar was posted on the popular Minecraft Reddit page.

Recently, a Redditor named 'u/EStoorm' posted a photo of a simple plains biome where loads of passive mobs spawned on a small hill. The original poster was completely confused by the spawning mechanics of the biome and questioned it. Though the picture was taken from far away, several passive mobs like cows, sheep, pigs, etc., can be seen on one particular hill alone.

Surprisingly, the region surrounding the hill had no visible mobs. It looked like all the neighboring mobs simply climbed up the hill or spawned in that particular chunk alone. There was also a small village next to the hill where no villagers were visible.

The removed Reddit post (Image via Sportskeeda)
The removed Reddit post (Image via Sportskeeda)

Unfortunately, this post was removed from the page by the moderators. The Minecraft Reddit page has very strict posting rules and regulations. Nonetheless, this post gained a lot of popularity before it was removed.

Users humorously react to the spawning glitch shown by Minecraft Redditor

These kinds of small glitches are quite commonly seen on the Minecraft Reddit page. Since the game has a near-endless world map, the coding in the game is bound to have some kind of error at some point. The post was quite popular on the page, garnering over nine thousand upvotes and over 300 comments from other Redditors. They humorously talked about what these farm animals must be doing on that hill.

Many users jokingly pointed out how they are having a meeting on the hill and a leader is giving a speech. They also referred to a 1945 novella called Animal Farm by George Orwell. The novella tells the story of farm animals rebelling against humans and creating a society where animals can live equally. Other Redditors also mentioned some of the lines from the novella.

A few humorously mentioned how the farm animals were playing an old kid's game called 'King of the Hill.' This was also mistaken by several people as the King of the Hill animated sitcom series. In the game, the objective is to stay at the top of the hill and knock others down who are coming to take the position.

All jokes aside, some users were seriously discussing how Minecraft's spawning mechanism worked in this case. One Redditor explained how the game checks each chunk from top to bottom before spawning mobs. The original poster also jumped into the conversation and explained how this phenomenon happened before they updated the game to 1.19 The Wild Update.

Overall, the spawning glitch fascinated thousands of Redditors on the page. They humorously gave several references related to animals rebelling against the player and discussed how the spawning mechanism worked in this case. Even after 17 hours since it went live, the post continues to grab attention and garner views.

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