Minecraft Redditor showcases a build inspired by Spanish Revival architecture

Spanish Revival architecture inspired build in Minecraft (Image via u/Jak03e Reddit)
Spanish Revival architecture inspired build in Minecraft (Image via u/Jak03e Reddit)

One of the major features of Minecraft is its building capabilities. As the game offers a plethora of blocks, players let their imaginations loose and build all kinds of structures. Once in a while, players decide to upload their creations to the popular Minecraft Reddit page.

Recently, a Redditor by the name 'u/Jak03e' uploaded a short clip where they showcased a beautifully built house. In the caption, the original poster mentioned how the build was inspired by a certain type of architecture called the Spanish Revival.

This is a stylistic movement that rose to prominence in the early 20th century and was based on Spanish Colonial architecture, seen during the Spanish colonization of the Americas.

The build was mostly made up of white concrete, calcite and diorite blocks. The roof of the house was made up of brick stairs and slabs. Several leaf blocks went along the walls of the building, giving an impression of vines.

Other parts of the building were made from dark oak wood logs, planks, fences, and acacia trapdoors as windows.

Reactions from the Minecraft subreddit on the stunning build inspired by Spanish Revival architecture

Such immaculate and detailed builds are always appreciated by thousands of players on the Minecraft Reddit page. It takes quite a lot of effort and time to build these kinds of structures. Within a day, the post received over 17 thousand upvotes and loads of comments talking about the architecture type and other aspects of the build.

Players were extremely impressed by the architecture, talking about what several of these buildings will look like on an island, giving a feel of an island city.

Hundreds of people were simply amazed by the build. They spoke about how they were never able to make such beautiful builds in Minecraft, as it can be difficult to piece all the parts of a building together. They expressed how they wanted this in their own world as well, since the architecture was brilliant.

People also discussed several aspects of the structure like the dimensions and the use of acacia trapdoors for windows. The original poster was unsure about the dimensions of the build as they did not calculate it. Some also wanted a tutorial from the original poster so that others could make the build as well. Unfortunately, the original poster does not have any tutorial.

Overall, the build was highly appreciated by the Minecraft Reddit community. The special type of architecture used for the build was refreshing and fascinating. The post is still getting a lot of attention on the page as people are flocking to the post and witnessing the build.

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