Minecraft Redditor showcases an impressive and realistic Twin Towers build

A player-made Twin Towers creation found via the Minecraft subreddit (Image via u/Ms_matrix2/Reddit)
A player-made Twin Towers creation found via the Minecraft subreddit (Image via u/Ms_matrix2/Reddit)

A Minecraft player recently recreated the Twin Towers that were lost in the tragic New York City terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The build was shared on Reddit on September 25, 2022.

Created by Redditor Ms_matrix2, the build is remarkably detailed. The two towers' modern architecture is lovingly reconstructed from top to bottom.

While it can be quite sad to see these departed buildings recreated in the game, they do carry a certain sense of comfort.

In real life, the towers have been replaced with One World Trade Center, a memorial complex in remembrance of those lost in the September 11 attacks.

Redditors react to Ms_matrix2's Twin Towers build in Minecraft

Garnering over 25,000 upvotes, as well as multiple Wholesome and 'Murica Awards, Ms_matrix2's build has been a hit on the primary Minecraft subreddit.

One Redditor challenged Ms_matrix2 to recreate the surrounding area of circa 2001 New York City. The original poster accepted the challenge wholeheartedly.

Other players had even more intriguing suggestions, such as including redstone elevators to scale the interior of the buildings.

Another user made a reference to Philippe Petit, the "Man on Wire," who once tightroped between the towers. The player suggested that Ms_matrix2 should place a small tightrope between the two buildings as an homage to Petit's exploits.

Ms_matrix2 pointed out that constructing the blocks at the base of the tower involved a small amount of modding. Specifically, they used modded concrete tile blocks to construct the base of the towers.

This is not the first time modded blocks have been incorporated into a Minecraft build. However, they bring out a great visual flair for this particular creation.

Ms_matrix also divulged why they were inspired to create the build in the first place. As someone who was born after the September 11 attacks, they attempted to place themselves in the shoes of those in the towers that day.

Unfortunately, not all the responses to Ms_matrix's build were positive. Some players complained that there were too many World Trade Center posts on the Minecraft subreddit. Meanwhile, others attempted to make jokes about the September 11 attacks.

Fortunately, the moderators did well at keeping the discussion civil. Many players also defended the creation, despite it not being the first World Trade Center build to emerge in the subreddit.

The build also managed to inspire many Minecraft players in the comments section. Some wished to recreate the One World Trade Center, while others considered creating their own iterations of the towers or a turn-of-the-century New York City.

Ms_matrix2 revealed that they intend to create the interior of the towers now that the exterior has been completed. Some players even suggested a New York-themed song compilation to help the original poster on their quest to complete the interior of the towers and New York City itself.

This Minecraft build carries plenty of significance in the month of September, particularly for Americans and residents of New York. It stands as a wonderful memorial to the World Trade Center.

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