5 best Minecraft seeds from Reddit in September 2022

The large mushroom biome that players spawn next to, featured in one of the seeds below (Image via Minecraft)
The large mushroom biome that players spawn next to, featured in one of the seeds below (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft has many different worlds. If players leave the seed box blank, the game will use a randomly selected seed, in combination with a Perlin noise equation, to generate the random terrain that makes up a world.

However, the same seed will always result in the same world. This means players can use seeds found online for their own.

Detailed below are five of the most interesting seeds from Reddit in the month of September 2022.

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-7655309590825151268 and 4 other interesting Minecraft seeds from Reddit so far in September 2022

1) Nether crops

This seed (7219899769), submitted by Master_MJN1, is for the Bedrock edition of the game.

It is a pretty basic seed with a pretty fun generation gimmick found near spawn. At the coordinates x: 312, z: -952, players will find a ruined portal within a village.

While this does not seem exciting at first, the ruined portal spawns close enough to one of the village’s farms. It also spreads out in such a way that it replaces the dirt that the crops were generated in with netherrack.

This means that when players first arrive in the village, it will look as if the villagers are eating crops grown in netherrack, which is concerning, to say the least.

2) Mushrooms and Monuments

This Minecraft seed (-7655309590825151268), posted by Honeydew_18, is a Java 1.19 Large Biomes seed.

The seed has two main attractions. The first draw is the comical amount of ocean monuments found in a small area. There are more than 150 such structures within a roughly 8000 x 4000 block area.

The second draw is an absolutely massive mushroom island that players spawn directly next to. The island is surrounded by ocean monuments and stretches for thousands of blocks, making it a great place to build a base or an automated farm. There is no risk of encountering hostile mobs in this huge area.

3) Mansion at spawn

This Minecraft seed (-6709148406763899126), posted by KamiKazeFritz, is for the Bedrock edition of the game. What sets it apart from others is just how rare the conditions of its spawn are.

The woodland mansion is by far the most unique structure in Minecraft. The closest mansion on a seed can often be thousands of blocks away from spawn. However, this seed not only has a woodland mansion near spawn; it also has a woodland mansion next to a village near spawn.

The exact coordinates of the woodland mansion are x: 30, z: 64, which should be on the other side of one of the mountains that the player spawns on.

4) Snow Mountain Ring

This Minecraft seed (37590468043465965) was posted by alimem974. Its main appeal is a ring of snowy mountains that has generated in such a way that it has an aesthetic natural entrance to the secluded grove in the center.

The secluded center is filled with naturally generated flowers, making it incredibly beautiful, especially when combined with the mountain backdrop, covered in spruce trees.

The biggest downside of this seed is that the mountains are a decent distance from spawn, at the coordinates x: 8474, z: 5651.

5) The Eye of Minecraft

This seed (3657198013487) was submitted by Jereaux. Its main draw, the Eye, is not close to spawn at all. In fact, it is nearly 20000 blocks from spawn, at x: 19412, z: -308. However, if players make the long journey there, they will find one of the most beautiful Minecraft land formations ever.

The Eye is a ring of badlands and wooded badlands surrounding a gorgeous lake. When viewed from above, the layers of terracotta in the badlands are almost mesmerizing.

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