How to survive and win at Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

Woodland Mansion (Image via Quora)
Woodland Mansion (Image via Quora)

Woodland Mansion in Minecraft is one of the most dangerous naturally generated structures in the game. It is home to the Vindicators and Evokers, which are more dangerous than Pillager mobs. If players want to conquer this deadly mansion, they must properly prepare themselves to do so.

Woodland Mansion is a rare structure and players have a very small chance to find one without a proper map. Cartographer villagers can trade a map to the woodland mansion and this is how most players find the structure. It is one of the biggest structures in the game as well, with loads of rooms and floors. Players need to prepare well if they want to fight in a Woodland Mansion.

Ways to survive and win in Woodland Mansion in Minecraft


Items to have

Before heading out to find and fight in the deadly mansion, players must have certain important items with them. The mansion consists of dangerous mobs that can kill players quite quickly. These are the items to keep before going into the mansion:

  • Full enchanted diamond armor
  • Enchanted diamond sword and axe
  • Enchanted shield
  • Loads of good food
  • Potions
  • Golden Apples
  • Ender chest
  • Obsidina
  • Flint and Steel

Fighting Vindicators

Vindicator chasing a villager (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Vindicator chasing a villager (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

The first type of illager players may encounter are Vindicators, these are dangerous hostile mobs which wield an iron axe to attack players. They can also run fast and do heavy damage with their axes. Players must always use shields to protect themselves and fight the mob from a distance with ranged weapons. Players can make a two block tall tower to avoid their melee attacks as well.

Fighting Evokers

Evoker summoning fangs to protect (Image via Minecraft WIki)
Evoker summoning fangs to protect (Image via Minecraft WIki)

Evokers are the second type of illagers in the Mansion. This is much more dangerous and irritating to players as they are usually hidden in rooms and attack players by summoning vexes.

Vexes are small pixie-like flying creatures who attack players with iron swords. They can go through walls and are hence unavoidable. Players must always find the Evoker and kill it first as they can keep spawning more vexes.

Evokers also summon fangs that surround them and attack players, preventing them from reaching the mob. This is why Evokers are one of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft.

Other hostile mobs

Other than these two menacing mobs, the mansion will also contain all types of different hostile mobs like zombies, skeletons and creepers. This makes the place much more challenging to deal with.

Loot items

Totem of Undying (Image via SketchFab)
Totem of Undying (Image via SketchFab)

As the Woodland Mansion is one of the most dangerous structures in the game, it also offers some of the most valuable loot to the players. There are several loot chests scattered around the structure, harboring good loot like enchanted golden apple, diamond gears and more. Evokers also drop the totem of undying, which is considered an ultra-rare item and is extremely useful for players.

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