"This is so cool": Minecraft streamer Ph1LzA explores lush caves in his hardcore world

Ph1LzA explored lush cave biome (Image via Twitter/Minecraft)
Ph1LzA explored lush cave biome (Image via Twitter/Minecraft)
Akshat Kabra

Minecraft streamer Ph1LzA explored huge lush caves in his hardcore world. He recently updated his hardcore world to version 1.18 and streamed the game as he surveyed the new world. Surprisingly, he found a huge lush cave underneath his spawn area.

Ph1LzA is a well-known Minecraft player, especially for its Hardcore gameplay. He has been playing the title for over ten years and is considered a veteran. His popularity skyrocketed after he died in his Minecraft Hardcore Series 2, and his fame has not dipped since.

Ph1Lza explores lush cave in Minecraft Hardcore world


A few days back, Ph1LzA streamed Minecraft and played in his updated Hardcore world. He went underground to his cave and started mining further down below level 0.

As soon as he mined a couple of blocks, he found a moss block. He instantly paused in shock, realizing that a lush cave was right underneath him.

He mined further and exclaimed as he found the lush caves biome. He was hesitant and excited to go down and explore the caves, as this is how he died in his previous Minecraft Hardcore world. But he gathered courage and flew down.

The streamer expressed his immense shock and delight at the 1:53 min mark in the clip:

"Oh my god! Ohhh, This is all underneath my spawn, dude!"
Ph1LzA was in awe then streaming (Image via Canooon/YouTube)
Ph1LzA was in awe then streaming (Image via Canooon/YouTube)

He soon discovered another huge lush cave full of glow berry vines, drip leaves, and axolotls. Ph1LzA also predicted that the cave might be right underneath his spawn area and base.

In complete awe, he explored the colossal cave, occasionally killing hostile mobs spawning and gathering spore blossoms and drip leaves. He kept exclaiming at 3:08 in the clip:

"This is so sick, dude. This is so cool. We even got the (spore) blossoms. We got the blossoms for Flower Fall. That's the most important thing I wanted."
Ph1LzA collected a few rare items (Image via Canooon/YouTube)
Ph1LzA collected a few rare items (Image via Canooon/YouTube)

The Minecraft streamer kept collecting rare items like small drip leaves and spore blossoms for his build projects and kept exploring the alluring lush caves. He was shocked at how deep the caves go.

Later, the online sensation went up to the surface, dug down, and confirmed that the lush caves were right underneath his base. He was blown away at 13:34 in the clip:

"No way, dude, there is a lush cave under my spawn?! And I've been here before. It's the one we spent all the time in!"

Ph1LzA was delighted by the sheer luck he had with the new 1.18 version of Minecraft. He rejoiced and announced that he would start planning another build project for the lush caves he found.

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