Minecraft YouTuber Phoenix SC creates Technoblade crown resource pack

Technoblade nametag on pig generates a crown on the mob's head (Image via
Technoblade nametag on pig generates a crown on the mob's head (Image via

A well-known Minecraft YouTuber named Phoenix SC recently showcased a brilliant resource pack in a tribute to Technoblade, who passed away due to cancer on June 30. The YouTuber posted a video explaining how the resource pack would work and how he wanted to pay his respects to the Minecraft star in this way.

After the death of Technoblade, millions of people in the community were completely shaken. They paid their respects, offered tributes, and mourned the content creator for days, sharing their grief with each other. Several content creators and famous streamers that came together spoke about him being talented as well as a great person.

Nearly everyone in the community did something to ensure he wouldn't be forgotten. Some made amazing artwork, while others built huge shrines. Similarly, Phoenix SC created a resource pack where if a player names any pig Technoblade, a crown will generate on the mob's head.

Minecraft Phoenix SC pays respect to Technoblade


In the beginning of the video the Minecraft YouTuber Phoenix SC released, he mentioned how Mojang had paid tribute to the late content creator by making a pig wear a crown in the game-launcher picture. However, he wanted to go a step further and add this to the game itself.

He introduced his resource pack and explained how any pig mob in the game could have a crown on their head if the player gave a name tag to it. The name tag should be named Technoblade in order for the resource pack to generate a crown on the pig.

He later explained how the resource pack he'd made was for Java Edition and for Optifine mod only; however, players can also download the pack for Fabric mod and even for Bedrock Edition mod, which were made by different modders in the community.

The YouTuber gives the pig invulnerability to the pig mob (Image via Phoenix SC YouTube)
The YouTuber gives the pig invulnerability to the pig mob (Image via Phoenix SC YouTube)

Finally, he added how players could write a command for the pig mob and render it invincible so that it never dies. This was a nod to the famous Technoblade slogan "Technoblade never dies," something his fans used to say for the late content creator.

Though players cannot write commands in their survival world to achieve this, they can briefly allow cheats from the Open to LAN settings in Java Edition and allow cheats on their world just to write this command.

Reactions from fans regarding the resource pack

Here is how fans responded to Phoenix's tribute.

@phnixhamsta Thanks Phoenix, it really means a lot
@phnixhamsta for…
@phnixhamsta Petition for Mojang to add this now
@phnixhamsta technoblade never dies
@phnixhamsta Take all my money I love this ❀
@phnixhamsta Mojang NEEDS to add this as an Easter Egg
@phnixhamsta Now, truly, Technoblade will never die. Thank you so much. πŸ™

The Minecraft YouTuber also posted about the resource pack on his Twitter account, and as can be observed, several fans flocked to it and expressed their delight. They were happy that Phoenix SC took the idea from the game launcher's picture and made a resource pack in the game itself. Some even urged Mojang to add this officially in the vanilla version as an easter egg.

Phoenix SC is a veteran Minecraft YouTuber and has been posting videos related to the sandbox game for about seven years. He mostly posts funny videos about bizarre glitches and mods related to the game and has a strong following of a little over two million subscribers.

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