New advancements in Minecraft snapshot 22w15a

Both the new advancements (Image via Minecraft)
Both the new advancements (Image via Minecraft)

Mojang released Minecraft snapshot 22w15a, bringing more changes and additions to the game. These additions and changes will finally be amde available in the new 1.19 The Wild Update.

New biomes, mobs, enchantments, effects, and other items are being added to this update. Players from all over the world are eagerly waiting for this update to be released sometime in 2022.

Everything to know about the new advancements in Minecraft snapshot 22w15a


In the latest Minecraft snapshot, 22w15a, the developers brought two new advancements which are directly related to new blocks and mobs. As the update will feature these new additions, Mojang has decided to add new advancements with them as well. Both of them are quite easy to achieve, but they have some kind of challenge that comes with them.

The two new advancements that will be added to the Minecraft snapshot 22w15a are called 'Sneak 100' and 'When the Squad Hops into Town.' One of them is related to a type of block in a new biome, while the other is related to a new mob.

Sneak 100

Sneak past the sculk sensors (Image via Mojang)
Sneak past the sculk sensors (Image via Mojang)

This is one of the two new progress rewards added to the game in the Minecraft snapshot 22w15a. This one is related to the Deep Dark Biome and sculk sensor blocks. To achieve this, players will simply need to sneak past a sculk sensor while crouching, so as not to activate it.

This is quite a simple progress reward to achieve since players will mostly sneak past these blocks since they do not want to activate a sculk shrieker and summon the Warden. Hence, players will naturally sneak past these blocks which will unlock this reward.

The name 'Sneak 100' comes from another game called Skyrim where players can achieve this progress reward. It soon became a meme and hence was adopted by Mojang for the game.

When the Squad Hops into Town

All three frogs on a leash (Image via Mojang)
All three frogs on a leash (Image via Mojang)

This is another fun progress reward that players can achieve with the help of frogs in Minecraft snapshot 22w15a. Even if frogs are basically a part of the Mangrove Swamp biome addition, they can spawn in different biomes and have different colors according to the temperature. There are three types of frog colors: orange, green, and white.

Players who wish to achieve this advancement will have to leash all three types of frogs with a lead. However, players do not need to leash them all at once, and they can simply leash them one by one. The game will remember them and give players the achievement once they leash all three types of frogs.

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