"Humor does help a lot, but I feel storytelling is more important": Minecraft content creator Gaurang "Matgonian" Patel

Gaurang "Matgonian" Patel has almost 1.5 million YouTube subscribers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Gaurang "Matgonian" Patel has almost 1.5 million YouTube subscribers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Debolina Banerjee

From building unique structures to exploring innumerable worlds, Minecraft is one of the most famous sandbox games that players enjoy. The game's pixelated graphics and block-like characters are its trademarks.

Gaurang Patel is a Minecraft content creator who uploads fun videos to his channel Matgonian, which has almost 1.5 million subscribers. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports's Debolina Banerjee, Gaurang talks about his journey as a YouTuber, his humor-infused videos, and his plans to make his channel grow.

Matgonian's YouTube journey as a Minecraft content creator

Q. The life of a content creator comes with risks and challenges. What made you choose this as a profession over other conventional career paths?

Gaurang: A roller coaster is one of the riskiest rides in the park, but it gives the most fun. Facing difficult challenges and defeating them gives me a feeling of fulfillment. It's just like a game!

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The most important thing that this path gives me is freedom. I can spend time with my family without worrying about the holidays left. I can schedule a few videos and go on an extended vacation.

Yes, sometimes I work 14 hours a day, but I'm doing it for myself, not for some corporate company. Hence, I feel that all the risks and challenges are completely worth it.

Q. Many content creators have unique names that have quite interesting backstories. What is the story behind naming yourself Matgonian?


Gaurang: Mat is derived from my favorite YouTuber, Markiplier. Onion is derived from the thought of people crying while cutting onions and also while laughing, and I wanted to make people cry out of laughter!

Combining these two, Matonion sounded weird, so I added the first letter of my name, G, in between and replaced the O with A. Hence, it became "Matgonian."

It was just a random shower thought, and I didn't calculate much while naming my channel. It just came to mind, and I kept it.

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Q. Aside from Minecraft, what other video games would you like to enjoy? What hobbies do you enjoy when you are not immersed in the world of block-like characters?

Gaurang: I really enjoy stealth games like the Hitman franchise and open-world titles like Red Dead Redemption 2, Watch Dogs, and GTA. Every time I play them, I discover something new.

I am currently exploring simulation games. I have always wanted to drive my own train and fly an aircraft, but that's impossible for me in real life. Hence, I have chosen simulations!

My other hobbies include gardening. I love to watch plants grow every day. I also have imaginary conversations with them!

Q. Due to Minecraft's massive open-world, there are numerous activities that players can enjoy. Have you ever thought about uploading tips and tricks videos or guides that can help gamers navigate the game better?

Gaurang: I thought about uploading these types of Minecraft videos, but there are tons of talented people already making them, so I didn't feel I could create more value than them. I'm good at funny commentary, so that's what I focus on.

Q. From boss fights to exploring various city skylines, you have explored quite a few aspects of Minecraft quite thoroughly. Which video did you have the most fun creating? What has been your most memorable Minecraft discovery so far?


Gaurang: I had the most fun while building things like the Aquarium, Mansion, Zoo, etc., in Minecraft. As a kid, I always fantasized about creating my own world, which I'm fulfilling in Minecraft right now.

While studying engineering, I learned how calculators work in binary with logic gates. I saw on Reddit one day that people have made these calculators and computers in Minecraft using redstone! I was utterly blown away by seeing these creations.

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Q. You have over 100k views on the three videos in the playlist titled "The Henry Stickman Collection.". However, you last updated it over a year ago. Do you have plans on making more such videos due to their popularity?

Gaurang: Yes! At the time, those videos had already crossed a million views, more than my Minecraft videos. I am thrilled with the response they got. The series stopped because I finished the storyline.


After that, I introduced a game called "Cities Skylines," which has gained a similar response, and the series is still running. I am constantly searching for new games that my audience might like and keep introducing them at the right time.

Q. Since most of your videos are infused with humor, do you feel that it helps get your content more views?

Gaurang: Humor does help a lot, but I feel storytelling is more important. Humor provides a short dose of laughter to the audience, which they enjoy a lot, whereas storytelling is what keeps them engaged throughout the video. I realized this after analyzing Ujjwal's videos ( Ujjwal "Techno Gamerz" Chaurasia). He's a great storyteller. Currently, I'm learning the skills of storytelling.

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Q. OpraahFX is a popular marketing agency that has many influencers under its banner. Since the company recently signed you, what are your expectations, and what do you look forward to the most?

Gaurang: I joined OpraahFX after observing their work with the other signed-up creators. They care about the creator's brand image and don't just blindly run behind money.

For me, trust and reputation are more important than money. I want to create a premium brand for myself, which I feel OpraahFX can do.

Q. Your YouTube channel has crossed a subscriber count of over a million. How do you plan on making your channel grow?


Gaurang: After a certain point, numbers don't matter. I aim to reach that point.

I just focus on improving my content with each new video and being consistent.

Consistency is a much more significant factor in growth. I want to be consistent and ensure that the quality of the videos is not compromised. Striking balance is important.

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Q. What are your words of wisdom to all the aspiring Minecraft content creators out there?

Gaurang: If you choose to upload every Friday at 1 pm, the video should go every week without fail. Try this for the first 50 videos, don't lose patience.

If you don't see considerable results, change your strategy, like pick a more frequent schedule or modify the content type, but never give up!

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