Mojang reveals early in-game footage of sniffer for Minecraft 1.20 update

Sniffer in Minecraft (Image via wChiwi on Twitter)
Sniffer in Minecraft (Image via wChiwi on Twitter)

Minecraft receives multiple updates each year, and one of them tends to be a major update. These major updates add interesting new features to the game, sometimes based on what the player base desires. Version 1.20 is set to be the next major update for the game.

The features of upcoming updates are usually revealed by the developers during an annual event called Minecraft Live. However, this time around, not a lot of information regarding the features and themes of the upcoming update was disclosed. Even the name of the update is yet to be announced.

In-game footage of sniffer in Minecraft 1.20 was revealed

Not all features were showcased during Minecraft Live 2022 because revealing so many features and then delivering them on update day gets really stressful for the developers. To avoid that, they will be adding features to the game at a healthier pace.

What is a sniffer?


Sniffer was the winner of the mob vote event that took place during Minecraft Live 2022, and it is expected to be added to the game with the 1.20 update along with camels.

During the livestream, the developers described it as an ancient creature that could be revived by the player. They acquire their eggs from underwater ruins and hatch them. This mob is expected to be breedable as well.

First visuals of the sniffer revealed

Steve standing next to the sniffer (Image via wChiwi/Twitter)
Steve standing next to the sniffer (Image via wChiwi/Twitter)

In-game footage of the sniffer was revealed recently. In the footage, the player walks out of their base and is greeted by two sniffers. There don't seem to be variants of sniffers, as both the sniffers in the footage and the mob models revealed on Minecraft Live were the same.

A screenshot of the sniffer standing next to Steve was also posted by the developers, where it was seen to be a lot larger than the player model. The front part of the sniffer, which is its beak, extends quite a bit outwards, and it has a sniffing animation as well, which it performs from time to time.

The sniffer has three primary colors: shades of red, green, and yellow. Based on the announced features of the sniffer, i.e., being able to sniff out new plants for the player, it is expected to be a friendly passive mob.

More changes will most likely be made to the sniffer's design before it officially makes its way into the game. However, now that the visuals have been released, the mob itself may be released with the next few snapshots and betas. It's worth noting that the visuals revealed so far may not correspond with what the mob will look like when it gets released with the 1.20 update.

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