Redditor creates Connect 4 inside Minecraft using mangrove trapdoors and Redstone

Redditor makes the popular Connect 4 game inside Minecraft with redstone contraption (Image via Reddit / u/betterthanlars)
Redditor makes the popular Connect 4 game inside Minecraft with redstone contraption (Image via Reddit / u/betterthanlars)

Redstone is one of the most powerful features in Minecraft, as it allows players to automate all kinds of block movements and create unique contraptions. In the past, players have tried to make different kinds of board games and other digital games inside Minecraft itself with the help of redstone contraptions. Something similar was recently posted on the popular Minecraft Reddit page.

A Redditor by the name of 'u/betterthanlars' posted a video of how they created a famous board game called 'Connect 4' inside the sandbox title with a few simple redstone contraptions and new mangrove wood trapdoors.

In the video, the player uses concrete powder blocks as tokens and places them in a pit where they fall and launch due to a redstone contraption with slime blocks. After launching vertically, another redstone contraption with slime blocks pushes the concrete powder blocks forward.

Finally, they hit a wall behind the mangrove trapdoors and fell between them. The circular cut-out on the trapdoor perfectly depicts the actual wall of the board game where players can see the tokens.

Users react to Connect 4 made by Minecraft Redditor


Connect 4 is an extremely popular board game for many. Even though it is not as popular as it was a few years ago, it brings fond childhood memories. Hence, when members of the Reddit page saw the old board game being recreated in the sandbox title, they were delighted. Within a day, their post received over 10 thousand upvotes and several comments about the build's mechanics.

The original poster and the contraption creator commented on the post, mentioning how they saw a manual version of the game made by another Redditor named 'u/X3noF3ar' and tried to automate it with the redstone contraption. The Redditor who created the manual version of the game also humorously replied that they are lazy and do not want to tinker with redstone.

One user humorously mentioned that the original poster would require a friend to play the board game with. Connect 4 is a two-person game, and the Redditor thought the original poster was in the single-player world; hence, they made this joke. However, a YouTube video made by the gadget's creator shows how they have a friend to play the game with in Minecraft.

Some Redditors who were new to the game asked how the blocks could bounce around. People clarified that they were powdered terracotta or concrete powder blocks which are affected by gravity and bounce after they come in contact with slime blocks.

Overall, the post was very well-received by the Redditors. Connect 4 is a great board game; hence, they were delighted to see it recreated inside Minecraft. Even a day after the post went live, it continues to garner views and upvotes.

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