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Warden vs Wither in Minecraft: How different are the two mobs?

Warden sitting in a cave (Image via wallpapercave)
Warden sitting in a cave (Image via wallpapercave)
Holly Ellison
Modified 08 Apr 2021

Minecraft has many powerful and unique mobs, two of which are withers and wardens. Both mobs are incredibly hostile towards players and can do some serious damage when they attack.

Wardens are a new Minecraft mob; they were only added in 1.17 and have yet to appear in Minecraft gameplay. Many Minecraft players are unaware of wardens or know very little about the mob. Some players may not even know what makes the warden so different from a wither.

Key differences between Wardens and Withers in Minecraft


One of the largest differences between wardens and withers is their different appearances.

Warden's appearance Minecraft (Image via hypixel)

Wardens are dark blue in appearance and have the same theme as the warped forest biome in the Nether. Wardens are tall and bulky, and they walk around on two legs like the player. In the middle of their chests is a heartbeat that's visible to the player.

Wither's appearance (Image via planetminecraft)

Withers, on the other hand, is black in appearance and has three heads. These creatures are rather tiny and float above the ground. Under the middle head is a skeleton. Like the name, the wither appears quite withered.

Health points

Wither Minecraft (Image via Minecraft-schematic)
Wither Minecraft (Image via Minecraft-schematic)

Withers and wardens have different levels of health despite being boss mobs. The wither has 300 health points in Minecraft Java Edition and 600 health points in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This is the most of any mob in Minecraft.

Wardens don't have nearly as many health points as withers, but they do have an impressive amount of strength, coming in at 84 health points. This is way more than most mobs in Minecraft.


Warden spotted in Minecraft (Image via pcgamer)
Warden spotted in Minecraft (Image via pcgamer)

Wardens and withers may both be hostile towards players, but they do so in drastically different ways.

Wardens are blind; they're the first mob in Minecraft to be blind. This means if the player is quiet enough, the warden won't be able to tell that they're there. However, Wardens have impeccable hearing. So unless a player is sneaking, the warden is bound to hear them walk by.

Minecraft players are also encouraged to throw projectiles like snowballs to distract the warden. Most sounds will distract him as players walk past. It's not recommended for players to fight the warden, as he can kill a player in full netherite armor in two hits. The warden will also get faster when it's attacked.


Withers behave in a completely different way to this. Withers are extremely hostile towards anything living within a certain range. They will attack anything they sense with wither skulls. It doesn't matter how quiet or sneaky a player is; the withers will definitely target them.


Wardens and withers spawn in very different ways. Withers don't spawn naturally anywhere in Minecraft, so it's up to the player to summon them into Minecraft. Wardens, on the other hand, spawn in deep dark caves in the overworld. These creatures are said to roam around the bedrock level.

Damage points

Wither about to attack (Image via pocketgamer)
Wither about to attack (Image via pocketgamer)

Surprisingly for most Minecraft players, Wardens do more damage per hit than withers. Wardens can deal 31 damage points to a player with one hit. This is the most of any other mob in the game and can kill unarmored players with one hit.

Withers are a bit less; their attack "withers skulls" only does 12 damage points. The wither skulls, coupled with wither hearts, often kill players just as quickly as a warden would.



Wither cartoon (Image via wallpapertip)
Wither cartoon (Image via wallpapertip)

Withers and wardens have very different drops in Minecraft. Despite being an incredibly powerful mob, the warden doesn't have many good drops, and this was intentionally done by Minecraft developers. The wither, on the other hand, drops tons of XP and a nether star when killed.

Minecraft history

Caves and cliffs Minecraft update warden (Image via academiahagitv)
Caves and cliffs Minecraft update warden (Image via academiahagitv)

Withers and wardens have a very different history in Minecraft. Withers have been around since Minecraft update 1.4.2. Since then, they've gained a notorious reputation in Minecraft. Wardens, on the other hand, are extremely new to Minecraft.

They haven't even been seen in most players' gameplay yet.

Reason for existence

Ominous warden (Image via Minecraft-pocket)
Ominous warden (Image via Minecraft-pocket)

Wardens were added to Minecraft not to be fought as mob bosses but to scare players. Wardens don't have any significant drops when players kill them, and this was done deliberately by the developers.

They wanted to create a mob boss that players were scared of rather than used for fighting. Minecraft developers have compared the warden to a natural disaster, saying "players wouldn't walk up to a tornado with a sword, they would run away." This is really different from withers, who are summoned into the game to be fought.

Similarities between the Warden and Withers in Minecraft

Hostility towards players

Both withers and wardens are extremely hostile towards Minecraft players. Both of them are boss mobs with the goal of fighting and killing the player. Withers and wardens showcase different behavior and ways of killing Minecraft players, but both have the end goal to kill Minecraft players in their paths.

Who would win in a fight?


It's unknown whether a wither or a warden will win in a fight since so little is known about wardens. Going off of health points and attack damage, it's likely that the warden will win.

Wardens can do some serious damage in close combat, more than double what withers can do. Even though withers have higher health than wardens, the warden's higher attack damage may come out on top.

Published 08 Apr 2021, 22:12 IST
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