Who won Minecraft Championship (MCC) 16?

Minecraft Championship 16 ended with a stunning victory from none other than Team Pink Parrots (Image via Minecraft Championships)
Minecraft Championship 16 ended with a stunning victory from none other than Team Pink Parrots (Image via Minecraft Championships)

Minecraft Championship 16 concluded with Team Pink Parrots dominating the final round of Dodgebolt on August 28th, 2021.

The Minecraft Championships ("MCC") is an invite-only event held and created through Noxcrew. It features 10 teams of four competitors who compete in eight different minigames chosen by the participants.

The previous month's championship was an overwhelming success that left viewers worldwide anticipating the next tournament. Minecraft Championship 16 lived up to the daunting anticipation of the event, as every minute was packed to the brim with passion and action.

Team Pink Parrots (Dream, Seapeekay, BadBoyHalo, and F1NN5STER) will claim the crown at the end of the highly anticipated sixteenth tournament.

Minecraft Championship 16: Final team and individual standings


Team Pink Parrots claimed their victory during the final activity, Dodgebolt. It was a tense fight between Team Pink Parrots and Team Purple Pandas, but the former managed to come out on top and secure their win.

Team Pink Parrots may have won the overall championship, but they finished the event with fewer coins than Team Purple Pandas' runner-up.

Although that didn't directly affect their win, they came second in the final team standings, determined by the number of coins the team has at the end of the championships.

Here are the final team standings for Minecraft Championship 16:

1st: Team Purple Pandas

  • Smajor
  • Grian
  • Smallishbeans
  • Fruitberries

2nd: Team Pink Parrots

  • Dream
  • BadBoyHalo
  • Seapeekay
  • F1NN5TER

3rd: Team Orange Ocelots

  • TapL
  • Punz
  • Captain Puffy
  • Shubble

4th: Team Aqua Axolotls

  • Antfrost
  • Tubbo
  • Fundy
  • 5up

5th: Team Yellow Yaks

  • CaptainSparklez
  • Ponk
  • Hbomb94
  • GeorgeNotFound

6th: Team Lime Llamas

  • Quig
  • Krtzyy
  • Jack Manifold
  • Nihachu

7th: Team Green Guardians

  • TheOrionSound
  • RTGame
  • Slyvee
  • Sapnap

8th: Team Cyan Creepers

  • PearlescentMoon
  • PrestonPlayz
  • Spifey
  • PeteZahHutt

9th: Team Red Rabbits

  • TommyInnit
  • Wilbur Soot
  • Ph1LzA
  • Ranboo

10th: Team Blue Bats

  • Vixella
  • James Turner
  • DrGluon
  • KryticZeuz

The Minecraft Championships also crown individual leaders at the end of each tournament. This individual would have to earn more collective coins than any other participant in the event, regardless of team alliance.

Here are the final individual standings for Minecraft Championship 16:

1st: Punz

2nd: Quig

3rd: fruitberries

4th: Dream

5th: Seapeekay

6th: Smallishbeans

7th: Fundy

8th: Sapnap

9th: Antfrost

10th: Krtzyy

11th: Grian

12th: PeteZahHutt

13th: GeorgeNotFound

14th: Smajor

15th: TapL

16th: BadBoyHalo

17th: sylvee

18th: Tubbo

19th: CaptainSparklez

20th: Jack Manifold

21st: Hbomb94

22nd: TBNRFrags

23rd: F1NN5TER

24th: Ranboo

25th: Ponk

26th: Ph1LzA

27th: 5up

28th: Wilbur Soot

29th: Shubble

30th: Spifey

31st: Captain Puffy

32nd: TommyInnit

33rd: TheOrionSound

34th: PearlescentMoon

35th: Nihachu

36th: Magistrex

37th: KryticZeuZ

38th: Drgluon

39th: James Turner

40th: Vixella

Punz, with only six more coins than the runner-up, claims his crown as the individual event leader of Minecraft Championship 16.

The team winners of this championship will receive a prized coin for their astounding victory. Dream, once having three total championship wins, now claims his fourth victory and is well on his way to being the first participant to reach five total tournament victories.