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PewDiePie vs Dream: Minecraft fan compares Pewdiepie and Dream's audiences and makes an odd revelation

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 13 Feb 2021

Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg and Dream are two really popular streamers who dominate the streaming market right now. Although PewDiePie is the most popular streamer by far currently, Dream has managed to make a name for himself as well.

Keeping in mind their popularity, fans made an odd revelation with respect to the audience base that PewDiePie and Dream have. Both of these individuals have provided an amazing boost to Minecraft, making it more popular than it already was.

Fans make an odd revelation about PewDiePie and Dream's audience

Image via Twitter (@quack7)
Image via Twitter (@quack7)

When popular streamers like PewDiePie begin playing a particular game, it's evident that a huge part of their fan base will also hop onto the bandwagon and join that game as well.

According to the user above, when PewDiePie joined Minecraft, a large chunk of his fan base also joined the game, and they were mostly males. In Dream's case however, the gamers who joined the game were supposedly largely teenage women, and the internet seemed to have a problem with that.

While it's difficult to understand where the issue lies in teenage girls joining a popular game like Minecraft, this tweet was reposted on TikTok and Instagram. Although the original tweet isn't available at this point of time, the tweet showing the repost can be seen below.

While it's still unclear what the issue is with teenage girls playing Minecraft, a few users on the internet feel that this issue exists nevertheless.


Users also believe that it probably has something to do with Dream himself, because the internet has been trying to cancel the individual for very trivial things of late. Recently, he was accused of being racist because he did a victory screech on one of his live streams.

Dream mentioned in one of his tweets that the internet had a bad habit of taking his words out of context every time he said something. So, there's a high chance that a part of the internet has issues with Dream for some unknown reason.


Both PewDiePie and Dream are yet to comment on this matter, but it's highly unlikely that these two individuals will take a dig at each other. They've not had bad blood between them and it isn't likely that this scenario is going to result in any either.

However, when it comes to their audience and fans, it's very hard to say what these people will do, because streamers and celebrities cannot control what their fans say or do. Moreover, people say a lot of problematic things on the internet under the garb of anonymity and get away unscathed. Keeping all that in mind, where this issue heads, remains to be seen.

Published 13 Feb 2021, 22:03 IST
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