Redditor animates bucket of Tadpole in Minecraft 1.19

A bucket of Tadpole in vanilla version (Image via Minecraft 1.19)
A bucket of Tadpole in vanilla version (Image via Minecraft 1.19)
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Akshat Kabra

Certain mobs in Minecraft 1.19 can be kept in a bucket of water. Aquatic mobs like Tropical Fish, Axolotl, and Tadpole are some of them. However, after keeping them in a bucket, these creatures become static items. This was solved by a Redditor who posted an animation of moving mobs inside the bucket.

A Redditor with the username 'u/btrab1' posted a cute GIF of an animated bucket with aquatic mobs in it. They first showcased the bucket of Tadpole, a new item courtesy of the new Tadpole mob in Minecraft 1.19. The bucket looked 3-dimensional and the mob peeked out of it, wagging its tail. Many redditors found it extremely cute to see the new small mob looking lively even after being kept in a bucket.

After this, the player also showcased an Axolotl in a bucket, and it was tilting its head from side to side. These mobs are quite cute in the game; hence, players would love to see them move even when they are in a bucket. The original poster mentioned how they updated their resource pack to add the new mob animation as well.

Redditors react to the bucket of Tadpole animation in Minecraft 1.19

These kinds of fascinating resource pack ideas are always appreciated by the Minecraft Reddit community. Redditors were delighted to see the new cute mob animated in this way. Within a day, the post got over 16 thousand upvotes and many comments that discussed the resource pack and commended the original poster as well.

The original poster commented on the post and posted all the links to the resource packs they used to animate the bucket of aquatic mobs in Minecraft 1.19. They mentioned that the resource pack only changes the bucket of mob animation and nothing else. While talking about the Bedrock Edition version, they also mentioned that it does not contain the latest Tadpole animation.

Some redditors were curious as to when the Bedrock Edition resource pack will get the update. The original poster replied and explained how it may take some time as they themselves are learning how to animate it.

Some Redditors also discussed the framerate of the moving mobs in the buckets. Even though the Tadpole's movement was smooth, Axolotl only had three frames of movement. The original poster explained how a particular item model can achieve a certain number of frames. They later mentioned how Bedrock Edition has more frames to play around with compared to Java Edition.

Other than this, the post received a lot of positive comments appreciating the resource pack and the original poster for the animation. They adored the cute mobs in their buckets and how they moved. Tadpoles are one of the cutest mobs in Minecraft 1.19, and many players love how it wags its tail in the resource pack.

Overall, redditors loved the resource pack and gave positive feedback on the post. As Minecraft 1.19 becomes more and more popular, modders from all around the globe will be releasing more kinds of packs for the game.

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