Top 5 resource packs in Minecraft

Resource pack (Image via
Resource pack (Image via

Resource packs have been around in Minecraft since the beginning of the game. Back in the original editions of the game, there were the Christmas and other holiday themed resource packs for players to test out. Other packs, like the original realistic pack, were a blast as well.

Since those humble beginnings, many smaller developers and artists have created their own personal Minecraft resource packs. This list will cover some of the players' favorite packs found all over the internet. The list ranges from cute pixelated packs to packs that could be considered memes. Here is the rundown.

5 Best Minecraft resource packs

#1 - Zig Zag

Zig Zag sheep (Image via
Zig Zag sheep (Image via

The Zig Zag Minecraft resource pack is a cute, animated resource pack including a plethora of dorky animal faces and item skins. This texture pack may remind players of other animated games, and is certainly a lot of fun for players to play on.

Players can use this texture pack for fun with friends or for server games. This pack updates often, and was created by Jamizzle. This pack has an edition made specifically for those with lower end PCs and another for those running higher end PCs.

This texture pack is on the Minecraft marketplace. Click here to download it!

#2 - Milky Way


The Milky Way resource pack doesn't differ greatly from the regular Minecraft textures. Most items in this pack are still recognizable.

What this pack brings to the table is a few awesome skins, and some brighter colors in the world. Regular Minecraft can seem a bit dull at times, and players looking for a smaller, more colorful change should definitely invest in this resource pack.

The Milky Way Minecraft resource pack was created by Giggle Block Studios and is available on the Minecraft Marketplace here.

#3 - Limitless


The Limitless resource pack is an incredibly realistic choice pack for players. Most items and plants in the game are made to look as real as possible. Wood is engrained with natural patterns, and plants grow in all natural, unpredictable fashions.

This resource pack is updated regularly and was created by Limitless Designs. The video above does a great job of showing each and every texturized block in their pack. It's also recommended that players use the Continuum or BSL Minecraft shaders when using this resource pack for best results.

This pack is for Minecraft Java Edition and can be found here for download.

#4 - PewDiePack

Pewdiepack (Image via YouTube)
Pewdiepack (Image via YouTube)

The Pewdiepack is a Minecraft resource pack that looks and acts exactly as it sounds. Players who are big Pewdiepie fans should definitely consider downloading this Minecraft resource pack. It's a fan-created pack, mostly developed by u/ewanhowell5195.

This pack includes everything Pewdiepie themed. This includes inside jokes from the YouTuber's popular Minecraft series, as well as a lot of popular fanart from the Pewdiepie Minecraft community.

Those looking to check out and download the Pewdiepie pack, click here.

#5 - Cocricot

Stylized architecture (Image via Twitter)
Stylized architecture (Image via Twitter)

The Cocricot Minecraft resource pack is a pack for architecture. It offers a lot of extra items and texture packs that can improve the player's builds. This resource pack was made in Japan by It includes different versions for if the player is playing on survival or creative mode, and includes different packs for the varying versions of Minecraft.

Those looking to download the pack can click this link.

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