5 best Minecraft village seeds in April 2021

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang
Shoddow D. Andrus

Finding some of the best Minecraft village seeds can be a hassle for some players. The seeds listed in this article have all been tested on the Microsoft 10 Bedrock edition. However, some results may be different after the Caves & Clifts Update.

Each seed will also have points of interest as coordinates for players to use. The coordinates are listed as X-axis first, then Y-axis, and Z-axis last. This is so that the coordinates are in the same order as what players will see in their game. Players who intend to teleport themselves to these coordinates may face an issue with fall damage.

Here are the top five village seeds for Minecraft.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Top 5 Minecraft village seeds in April 2021

#1 - -515616061425514285

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

When a player goes into their settings, they can see that the seed is different than what was put in. The seed shown in the players' settings is -1975580461 after generating the world in Minecraft.

This seed spawns players at the coordinated (272, 66, 8), where they will need to get moving to find the nearest village. There are two nearby villages and a pillagers outpost neighboring one of the villages. The village nearest to the player is at (187, 75, 52) and is a decent size. Nothing too small, but not too big.

The second village sits at (548, 68, 92) and can be seen from the pillagers' outpost at (452, 86, 167) for players that enjoy a good raid.

#2 - -4807721116809566626

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Spawning at (2392, 70, 52), players will find that this seed has a temple nearby after some exploring. That temple sits at (2314, 73, -182) and appears to be slightly buried in the sand. Players can loot the temple as they head towards (1871, 71, -212), where the nearest village can be found.

Another Minecraft village can be found at (1532, 75, -343) after a long walk or sprint. Players can dig under this village for access to a stronghold. One section of the stronghold is at (1538, 51, -334) beneath the village. However, it is not recommended for players to dig straight down in Minecraft.

The seed found in the settings after being generated is -580131234.

#3 - -1726916498423192890

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Generating this Minecraft seed will put players in seed 582574790 at (44, 64, 4) to start. From there, players can make their way to (68, 75, -795) and find the nearest village.

This village has a stronghold underneath at (66, 38, -798) for players to explore. Also, there is another village at (-337, 66, -320) if players are looking for more Minecraft villages in the area.

#4 - 4078788480208357442

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Players spawn into the world at (44, 71, 4) with the seed changed to 751192130. A village can be found right away at (59, 80, 91) for players to start. From there, players can choose to travel towards (43, 67, -360) or (146, 85, 438) for other villages to explore.

Players who are looking for an abandoned village can find one at (587, 93, 34) with a Minecraft pillager outpost.

#5 - 8728761322896572220

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

This seed will spawn players at (60, 66, 16) and change into 476790588 after generation. Players in Minecraft can then travel to (-293, 71, 75) and find a village to start in. Also, coordinates to further into the negatives with the other points of interest for this world.

Another village sits at (-781, 71, -718) with a stronghold under it at (-782, 25, -718) for speedrunning players. And a temple can be found at (-709, 73, -312) near the village.

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