Top 3 uses of automatic bonemeal farm in Minecraft

Players can create an automatic bonemeal farm to give them almost limitless bonemeal that can be used for a few different purposes (Image via RGA Gaming)
Players can create an automatic bonemeal farm to give them almost limitless bonemeal that can be used for a few different purposes (Image via RGA Gaming)
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Minecraft players will undoubtedly need to gather some bonemeal during their journey into their worlds. Bonemeal has a few different uses that can be very beneficial to players.

Using an automatic farm is one of the greatest ways a player can gather items quickly and efficiently, and bonemeal is no different. Here are the top three uses of an automatic bonemeal farm in Minecraft.

The top 3 uses of an automatic bonemeal farm in Minecraft


Farming will undoubtedly become a task that any player who plays in Survival Mode will become very familiar with. Of course, players can farm almost anything manually, but this may take time away from the player building and can be detrimental to them in the long run.

An automatic farm will greatly increase their efficiency and free up time to do more interesting and important tasks.

1) Growing Crops in Minecraft


When players use bonemeal on their crops in Minecraft, it can greatly increase their growth speed. Players will normally have to wait for their crops to grow, which can be time consuming.

With players having an unlimited source of bonemeal generated by an automatic farm, this will no longer be an issue. Players are able to grow crops in the following manner:

  • Plants such as cocoa will grow one full stage.
  • Plants such as bamboo and sugarcane will grow in height when bonemeal is used.
  • Some plants such as beetroots and saplings only have a certain percentage chance of growing to the next stage when bonemeal is used. This means they may not do anything when used but will eventually change if able if the chance to grow is activated.

Of course, crops have a great effect on the sustainability of the world in which a player resides.

Therefore, it is very important for them to ensure that they are able to quickly grow their crops, not only to keep their hunger levels up, but also to be able to craft different items or breed specific mobs depending on the type of crop being grown.

2) Dying items


Bonemeal is used in a lot of crafting components to dye them white. This can be useful for any player who is looking to make a build that will utilize a lot of white blocks.

Of course, any other dye can usually be substituted with the bonemeal in order to dye certain items in Mineraft another color other than white, but the uses of bonemeal can have player dying things such as:

  • Grey Dye
  • Light Blue Dye
  • Lime Dye
  • Magenta Dye
  • Pink Dye
  • White Bed
  • White Concrete Powder
  • White Dye
  • White Shulker Box
  • White Stained Glass
  • White Terracotta
  • White Wool (if another color)

Dying the items is a great way to change up color schemes on builds in Minecraft. Of course, with bonemeal used to make so many different color dyes in Minecraft, there is a benefit for players who want to use it to make other different colors as well such as gray, light blue, lime, magenta and pink.

Players who can dye their items many different colors can express themselves easier through their builds.

3) Experience Farming

In addition to the bones players will earn, they will also be able to earn XP for each skeleton that is killed. Some things to note:

  • Skeletons in Minecraft are able to drop up to 2 bones for each one that is killed. Each bone can be crafted into 3 bonemeal. This means a potential yield of 6 bonemeal for each skeleton that is killed. This number can also be increased by players who have Looting enchant, up to a maximum of 5 bones or 15 bonemeal per skeleton killed.
  • Skeletons can also drop up to 2 arrows for each skeleton killed. Arrows can also be increased with Looting up to a maximum of 5 arrows for each skeleton that is killed.
  • Skeletons drop 5 XP per skeleton killed by the player. They will also drop an additional 1-3 XP if they are wearing equipment when they are killed.


Of course, there are numerous ways players can create bonemeal. Some of these methods involve breaking down items in a composter, but others, such as farming skeletons in a mob farm, will enable players to have access to bones, which can be broken down into bonemeal.

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