Top 3 uses of Jack o' Lanterns in Minecraft

Multiple Jack o
Multiple Jack o' Lanterns acting as underwater lightsources (Image via minecraft.fandom)
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While many Minecraft players are content with ignoring them, Jack o' Lanterns provide tons of uses that players should take advantage of. Due to their rarity, many players aren't aware of these applications and are missing out on some useful benefits.

Even though pumpkins are semi-rare blocks in Minecraft, their farmability makes it so that players can obtain dozens in a short period of time. This means that players can also quickly acquire Jack o' Lanterns, which arguably provide greater benefits than the regular pumpkin.

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3 best uses for Jack o' Lanterns in Minecraft

#3 - Iron Golem Spawning

A loyal iron golem defending his post (Image via mcbedrock)
A loyal iron golem defending his post (Image via mcbedrock)

Jack o' Lanterns provide the ability to spawn iron golems. These golems can be spawned to defend a village, or they can be kept around the players' base for added protection.

Iron golems are extremely useful due to the fact that they will attack certain hostile mobs on sight. Players are recommended to use a few Jack o' Lanterns to defend their preferred villages by spawning some iron golems.

The video above demonstrates how to effectively use iron golems to defend the player and their villager friends.

#2 - Snow Golem Spawning

A lone snow golem literally just chilling (Image via Reddit)
A lone snow golem literally just chilling (Image via Reddit)

Snow Golems are another great use for the jack o' lantern. Snow golems can be built similar to the iron golem, and will also defend an area from hostile mobs.

Since snow golems take damage from the rain, it is best to place several of them up in a hut, where they can rain snowballs down onto the hostile mobs. While these snowballs don't do any damage, they deal knockback and are a great way to alert the player to an incoming mob attack.

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#1 - Underwater Light Source

Jack o
Jack o' lanterns being used to light up an underwater base (Image via myminecraftadventure)

One of the most underrated uses of the Jack o' Lantern is its ability to provide light underwater.

While many Minecraft players will be quick to point out that the glowstone also works underwater, they should agree that the glowstone is also much harder to acquire than Jack o' Lanterns.

Jack o' Lanterns provide an easier and more cost-efficient way to light up structures underwater. They will be of great use in the upcoming Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update, where there will be large pockets of water in caves.

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