Top 3 ways to protect items from being stolen in Minecraft

A couple of players stealing some valuable items (Image via MC Naveed)
A couple of players stealing some valuable items (Image via MC Naveed)
Joe Greene

Any Minecraft player who enjoys a multiplayer server will inevitably have some of their items stolen. While it is expected that enemies will steal their loot, the most infuriating scenario is when friends act out the thievery.

So, whether gamers are playing with their friends or randoms, they will need to know how to hide their stuff.

As they discover new ways to hide their goods, the thieves find new ways to uncover them. Luckily, there are a few tried-and-true techniques that will (almost) guarantee that no player will ever crack. Those dealing with constant item theft should consider these three tips.

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How best to keep items from being stolen in Minecraft

3) Underground hiding

A chest buried underground (Image via minecrafthowto)
A chest buried underground (Image via minecrafthowto)

Burying underground is one of the oldest techniques used to hide chests from evil-doers. It is best performed when placed in a very inconspicuous spot.

Chests hidden underground are great for players who need to leave their bases unoccupied for extended periods. They can place all valuable items in this chest to ensure they are safe and sound.

This technique is better used when gamers leave some valuable items in their base. An intelligent thief will know someone who does not have any valuables is likely hiding them somewhere nearby.

Regardless, it is better to place these hidden chests far away from the base, with the coordinates written down somewhere.

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2) Revenge

Harsh... (Image via Reddit)
Harsh... (Image via Reddit)

Sometimes Minecraft players will know exactly who stole their stuff, whether they admit it or not. In this case, revenge is occasionally necessary (depending on how much was stolen).

In a small server with only friends playing, it is usually easy to discover the thief. Once the perpetrator is caught, a little revenge may be enough to stop them from stealing again. Gamers should confirm that the chosen player actually stole their stuff before they take vengeance.

Revenge can be in the form of destruction or killing. The former is recommended because it is not as harsh, and they are friends. It just has to be just annoying enough to encourage them never to steal again.

1) Shulker box in ender chest

A player storing their whole base in an ender chest (Image via Reddit)
A player storing their whole base in an ender chest (Image via Reddit)

By far, the most beneficial way to protect those valuables in Minecraft is to put the items inside of shulker boxes. These boxes can then be placed in an ender chest, which cannot be interfered with.

All the thieves can do is break the ender chests, which would require them to craft another one to recover their valuables. This is because the ender chests work similarly to cloud storage, as it is not deleted even if the computer's hard drive is broken.

The video above demonstrates how the ender chest/shulker box combination works in great detail.

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