Top 4 deep dark seeds for Minecraft 1.19 update

The deep dark biome is brand new in Minecraft 1.19 (Image via Mojang)
The deep dark biome is brand new in Minecraft 1.19 (Image via Mojang)

The deep dark biome, which was just recently introduced with the Minecraft 1.19 update, has quickly become a popular destination. Despite being the most frightening Overworld biome by a wide margin, players are rushing to find one.

The deep dark biome houses several new features of the 1.19 update. The Warden can only spawn in this biome. Sculk blocks, sensors, catalysts, shriekers and regular blocks can also be found here.

Additionally, Ancient Cities spawn in some deep dark biomes. These structures have arguably the most exclusive loot in the game.

Using a seed is one of the easiest ways for players to find a deep dark biome. Listed below are a few seeds where players can find the biome.

Note: The 1.18 update added seed universality, so seeds should work on both versions with very few changes. A big difference can be seen when going from Java Edition to Bedrock but not the other way.

4009 and 3 other Minecraft seeds where the Deep Dark is overwhelmingly close by

1) Seed: 4009

A flower forest biome (Image via u/warmCabin, Reddit)
A flower forest biome (Image via u/warmCabin, Reddit)

This Minecraft seed drops players in a flower forest, where bees surround them.

A deep dark biome can be found at 77,-42,-40, and an Ancient City is not far away. It can be found at 112,-35,-176. These inclusions are good enough to justify using this seed, but there's more to make it even better.

This seed also has a plains biome with a Pillager Outpost at 0, 87, 112. Another village can be found at 90, 70, 300, so there's plenty of loot available.

2) Seed: -2110863992403414331

Good loot is important for any Minecraft player. If a particular seed has good loot in it, like diamond horse armor in a village chest, players will probably want to check it out. However, the loot found in this seed is far rarer than diamond horse armor.

Enchanted golden apples are widely considered the rarest loot of all. They're not craftable, so they must be found, which doesn't happen much.

This seed provides three enchanted golden apples in one chest. This chest is found in the deep dark biome in an Ancient City.

3) Seed: -457009213479927390

Ancient City (Image via Mojang)
Ancient City (Image via Mojang)

Ancient Cities are now one of the rarest generated structures to find. Regular deep dark biomes with sculks and Wardens are hard enough to find.

The majority of deep dark biomes don't even have an Ancient City within them. Good seeds can provide an Ancient City somewhere close by, but this seed takes it to another level.

This seed has a whopping 10 Ancient Cities in a thousand-block radius. The closest one is at -307, 63, 210. There are nine more nearby.

Ancient Cities generally have the best Minecraft loot of almost any generated structure. They also have the most exclusive items, so this seed is incredible.

4) Seed: 7901583960864769992

An ancient city (Image via Stardust Labs)
An ancient city (Image via Stardust Labs)

Ancient Cities are probably the reason anyone wants to visit the deep dark biome.

This seed has three Ancient Cities. However, that's not what makes it arguably the best Minecraft seed for deep dark biomes.

Fairly close to those Ancient Cities is the stronghold (this is usually very far away).

  • Ancient City #1 Coordinates: 1224, -44, 488
  • Ancient City #2 Coordinates: 1384, -44, 184
  • Ancient City #3 Coordinates: 1624, -44, 104
  • Stronghold Coordinates: 1641, 6, 339

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