Top 5 most active Minecraft streamers on Dream SMP

Character art of much of the Dream SMP (Image via Redcoded_art)
Character art of much of the Dream SMP (Image via Redcoded_art)

The Dream SMP is by far the most popular content creator-based server Minecraft has ever seen, acting as a spiritual successor of sorts for CallMeCarson’s SMPLive. The server was initially a generic SMP server, however, TommyInnit shook the server to its core when he joined, shifting the server into more narrative content and helping elevate the server to its current status.

Over the years, many new players have joined, and some older players have moved on, making the cast ever-rotating. But which of the many members is on the server the most?

Detailed below are five of the most active players on the Minecraft server as of 2022.

5 of the most active Minecraft streamers found on the Dream SMP

5) Wilbur Soot


Wilbur Soot first joined the Dream SMP on July 16, 2020, and was one of the members who helped transition the server into scripted improvisation, which helped elevate the server to the status and fame it reached at its peak. He was the head writer for both the L’Manberg Independence and Manberg Rebellion arcs, two of the most well-known and beloved arcs.

Both Dream and Wilbur Soot have confirmed that he will be returning to the position of head writer in the near future, and he has written a lot more lore for both the server for the Pandora’s Vault arc and his own character. Wilbur Soot has more than six million YouTube subscribers and 4.6 million Twitch followers.

4) Sapnap


Sapnap is a member of the Dream Team, alongside others such as GeorgeNotFound and Dream. He has more than four million YouTube subscribers and more than three million Twitch followers.

Sapnap is one of the Minecraft server’s founding members and is currently a member of the Kinoko Kingdom. He has played in multiple server events that helped shape the direction of the server, including The Pet War, the Battle of the Lake, the Second Pet War, and The Final Pet War, along with every major war that has ever broken out on the server.

3) TommyInnit


TommyInnit is by far one of, if not the, most important member of the Dream SMP Minecraft server. In fact, he is often referred to as the main character of the SMP, as he is often directly involved in, or even the catalyst for, major server-shaping events, driving the plot forward. He has also helped the server sustain itself by recommending new members.

As with many of the fan-favorite members of Dream SMP, TommyInnit was very heavily involved in the L’Manberg arcs of the server, being both a founding member of the faction and serving as the faction’s vice president for a time. He worked very closely with Wilbur Soot, but after Wilbur Soot’s death on the server, he was exiled from L’Manberg by Tubbo.

2) Ranboo


Ranboo is a Minecraft YouTuber with more than three million subscribers and a Twitch streamer with more than four million followers.

Ranboo initially joined the server in the final days of the L’Manberg arc, with his house and allegiances being destroyed along with the faction. He then moved in with two fan favorite members of the server, Philza and Technoblade.

He is an interesting case on the server, facing death after losing a single life. It is currently unknown if this is due to him only having one life, similar to Philza, or if they were lost off-screen.

1) Tubbo


Tubbo is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer with more than three million subscribers and just shy of five million followers, respectively. He is a close friend of TommyInnit, and it was through TommyInnit that Tubbo was invited to the Dream SMP Minecraft server.

As with several fan-favorite members of the Dream SMP Minecraft server, Tubbo was a founding member of L’Manberg, fighting on its side during the Dream Team SMP vs L’Manberg War.

He was the faction’s Secretary of State under the Soot Administration and was Jschlatt’s right-hand man during the Jschlatt Administration. He was also the faction’s third and final president until its destruction in the Doomsday War.

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