Top 5 features revealed for Minecraft The Wild Update

Best features of The Wild Update (Image via Mojang)
Best features of The Wild Update (Image via Mojang)
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During the Minecraft Live 2021 event that commenced yesterday, the Minecraft 1.19 update was revealed. It was titled "The Wild Update" as it brings major changes being made to swamp biomes.

The release date of the update is unknown, but it will come out in 2022. The game developers also announced that Minecraft version 1.18 is almost done, and they will be releasing it in a month or two.

The great outdoors is about to get even greater as we present The Wild Update!↣

Best Minecraft 1.19 update features


5) New tree and wood type

A mangrove tree (Image via Mojang)
A mangrove tree (Image via Mojang)

Mangrove trees are making their way to the game. They can be grown using propagules. These are the first-ever saplings that can grow both above the surface and underwater. Mangrove wood and its craftable items such as trapdoors will also be added.

4) Deep dark city


An ancient city that generates underground, specifically in the deep dark caves, was showcased during Minecraft Live 2021. The city had tall pillars and walls that were made of deep slate blocks.

Multiple loot chests could also be seen somewhere close to the center and a lot of sculk blocks were present everywhere. The loot chest contained multiple enchanted books.

3) Sculk blocks

A sculk shrieker (Image via Mojang)
A sculk shrieker (Image via Mojang)

Along with the sculk sensors, two new sculk blocks will be added to the game with the 1.19 update. Sculk catalysts and sculk shriekers can be found in deep dark caves. The sculk catalyst is responsible for the sculk growth seen in the cave biome.

When a mob dies close to it, sculk grows on blocks on which the mob died. Sculk shrieker is the most unique sculk block that makes a shrieking sound. When activated too many times, the warden is summoned because of its sound.

2) New mobs

We're also adding tadpoles! So tiny, so cute, so in tune with their surroundings!↣

The developers will be adding a handful of new mobs that will spawn in the swamp biome. Once the update is out, tadpoles, frogs, and fireflies will start spawning in the swamp.

The warden will be found in the deep dark caves. Allay, the winner of the mob vote, will also be added to the game; will become quite helpful to players.

1) Swamp changes

Mangrove swamp (Image via Mojang)
Mangrove swamp (Image via Mojang)

Swamp is one of the dullest biomes in the game as of version 1.17. To make exploring them a lot more fun for the players, the developers will be updating the swamp biome.

A new variant of the swamp will also be added, called the mangrove swamp. Minecrafters can guess from its name that it will be a biome full of mangrove trees. Mud blocks will get generated there as well.

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