Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock seeds in March 2021

A broken ruined portal merged with the house of a villager in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft & Chill/YouTube)
A broken ruined portal merged with the house of a villager in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft & Chill/YouTube)

The collection of Minecraft Bedrock seeds in this article is perfect for anyone looking to start up a new survival playthrough or to explore new and interesting seeds.

With millions of Minecraft seeds to choose from, it can be difficult for players to find the right one to meet their particular needs.

Someone who is interested in conveniently located structures may prefer totally different seeds from someone who likes peculiar biome combinations.

To help facilitate the search for new Minecraft seeds, the ones provided in this article cover a wide range of different niches and common player desires.

This article showcases five Minecraft Bedrock seeds that each contain their own unique features, structures and biome combinations.

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the article's writer

What are the best Minecraft Bedrock seeds in March 2021?

#5 - Building Potential and Mob XP Galore

In this seed, Minecraft players will have close access to a village as soon as they spawn into the game world. They can gear up with useful items and starter equipment in this village.

From there, players can venture into an igloo with a basement, a beached underwater ruin, and so much more.

One of the highlights of this seed is that players will be able to find four different mob spawners (cords: 347, 54, -328) close together, which are perfect for farming up some experience.

There is also a ruined portal (cords: 268, 66, -369) that grants players access to a nether bastion that has a treasure room. Players will be able to stuff their pockets full of gold and other valuable items by visiting this room.

Spawn Cords: 52, 73, 23

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: -465479020

#4 - Eight Blacksmiths in One Village

Minecraft players who decide to explore this seed will find a village that has eight different blacksmith structures.

This means that players will be able to get their hands on a variety of different weapons, armor pieces and essential metals.

A trip to this village will set players up for a truly successful playthrough right from the start. The dangerous mobs of the Overworld will pose far less of a threat to players who are decked out in full equipment.

Spawn Cords: 44, 64, 4

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: 77050633

#3 - Broken Portal & Villager House

A broken ruined portal merged with the house of a villager in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft & Chill/YouTube)
A broken ruined portal merged with the house of a villager in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft & Chill/YouTube)

Minecraft players who are fans of broken seeds and wacky generations have to check out this seed.

In this seed, players will discover a ruined portal that has been merged with the house of a villager.

This is something that players will typically not encounter in the average Minecraft seed, which makes this a structure really worth checking out.

Broken Structure Location Cords: 1354, 72, 89

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: -387689605

#2 - Ulta Rare Biome Combinations

In this Minecraft seed, players will be able to find a desert village close to where they spawn in the game. This village can be of great help when it comes to gearing up with some introductory supplies.

From there, players can find an island village and ocean monument, which are not too far away.

The pièce de résistance of this seed is the rare combination of biomes, which can be found at 0, 64, 0.

Players will be able to discover a mushroom field, badlands with a desert temple and a snowy region filled with ice spikes all right next to each other. There is also a village in the area that is spilled across two different biomes in the area.

Spawn Cords: 2700, 69, 4

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: 1981584034

#1 - All Around Amazing Seed

Players who are looking for a great all-around Minecraft seed should look no further than this one. Here, players will have access to an assortment of different biomes in both the Overworld and the Nether.

There are also plenty of different structures that players can pillage for loot. With so much variety, players would be well-suited to start a brand new survival adventure in this game world.

Spawn Cords: 44, 65, 4

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: 1072988533

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Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh
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