Top 5 Minecraft Dungeons monsters Mojang should consider adding to Minecraft

The Iceologer should be in the game (Image via Mojang)
The Iceologer should be in the game (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft has quite a few mobs, with over 70 available in the game's current version. The 1.19 update added three to the mix: Allay, Warden, and frogs.

There is still plenty of room for more mobs, and Mojang will likely continue adding a few to each significant update they put out.

These will more than likely be new, original creations. However, it's doubtful that previous possibilities like the Great Hunger, the Copper Golem, or the Glare will be added to the game.

However, there is a different pool from which Mojang can draw: Minecraft Dungeons. Plenty of unique mobs available in that game should be considered for a move over to the base game.

Minecraft Dungeons mobs that need to be in the base game

5) Soul Wizard


The Soul Wizard is a helpful mob that follows players around. If that sounds familiar, it's because that's the basic function of an Allay, which means adding a Soul Wizard wouldn't be too difficult.

According to the Minecraft Dungeons Wiki, this is what they do:

"The soul wizard will follow the hero upon being summoned and will attack mobs that startle it. When the soul wizard is defeated, it will disappear with a shattering sound."

Besides wolves, there aren't many mobs that will go around and fight for users, so this mob is needed.

4) Toucan

The bird mob in Dungeons (Image via Minecraft Dungeons Mods)
The bird mob in Dungeons (Image via Minecraft Dungeons Mods)

There is a glaring lack of one particular animal in Minecraft: birds. Other than parrots, who exclusively spawn in the jungle, the sky is completely devoid of birds, which is both disappointing and inaccurate.

Toucans, while probably also being jungle mobs, would increase the number of birds in the title and add another fun pet to have. Minecraft gamers would probably love walking around with a toucan on their shoulder.

3) Blastlings


Blastlings are one of the most interesting hostile mobs in Minecraft Dungeons. If there's one thing players are always looking for, it's more challenging hostile mobs.

The Blastling is an immense challenge, and Mojang would do well to consider adding it to the base game. Here's what the Wiki says about it:

"Blastlings attack the hero by rapidly shooting gooey purple projectiles from their large hands, acting as the End counterpart of piglin hunters."

Undoubtedly, this mob would completely change the game.

2) Iceologer


It is implausible that this ever happens since the Iceologer lost the Mob Vote in 2020. Regardless, this mob would make an excellent addition to the game.

This is nothing against the winning mob, glowsquids, but the Iceologer was far and away the best mob available in that vote. It deserves far better than being relegated to another game.

Their function is very unique:

"Iceologer summons ice chunks above a target that hovers for three to five seconds before falling. If an ice chunk hits a hero or mob, that target is stunned for several seconds and slowed for another five seconds."

This is a gameplay mechanic Minecraft doesn't have, but it definitely needs to as soon as possible.

1) Mooshroom Monstrosity


The game currently only has two bosses, the Ender Dragon and the Wither. Adding a third one would be excellent, and there are good options found in Dungeons. The Mooshroom Monstrosity is one of the most exciting choices.

It is a golem made of stone and redstone with mushroom spores sprouting out of its body. It's a unique mob that would be difficult to spawn and even more difficult to defeat, which means Mojang needs to consider adding it.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.