Top 5 Minecraft farm ideas for beginners

Image via LytezCraft on YouTube
Image via LytezCraft on YouTube

One of the most important things about playing Minecraft is collecting the necessary items and materials to thrive in-game. This is often accomplished thanks to the use of farms.

There are Minecraft farms for just about everything in the game. Some are simple, while others can be quite complicated. Regardless, they almost always yield similar results: a vast collection of resources.

Building farms in Minecraft are surefire methods for in-game success. However, those who are new to Minecraft may need some guidance on where to start. The following lists five simple Minecraft farm ideas for beginners.

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Minecraft farms for beginners

#5 - Meat

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Perhaps the easiest of Minecraft farms to make are cow, pig, chicken, or sheep farms. These animals are known for being farm animals in real life, so naturally they are fairly simple to farm in Minecraft as well.

Meat farms are beneficial to Minecraft players who need to stock up on food and even collect some XP along the way.

Making these farms can be incredibly simple. Players simply need to capture a minimum of two of the same animal mobs, enclose them in a space together, and breed them using the mob’s food of choice. Eventually, players should have a well established animal farm in place.

#4 - Wheat

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

For players who choose to have a cow or sheep farm like mentioned above, a wheat farm is also essential. Wheat will feed and breed cows and sheep, so in order to farm those animals, a hefty supply of wheat should be readily available. Wheat can also be fed to horses or llamas in order to heal them.

Those who opt out of collecting steak or mutton can benefit from wheat farms as well. Wheat can easily be crafted into bread, and lots of it at that.

Minecraft players will surely never go hungry again with a near endless supply of bread thanks to an efficient wheat farm.

Wheat farms only require wheat seeds, a nearby water source, grass and a hoe to turn the grass into farmland. Beginners can also visit villages for inspiration as they most usually have an active crop farm.

#3 - XP tower

This classic farm build is simple and wildly effective. XP farms allow players to collect lots of levels all at once, making it easier to reach certain enchantment level requirements.

There are a number of ways Minecraft players can create XP farms, but this tower style might be one of the easiest for beginners.

To build an XP tower, players will need to place hoppers and chests at the very base of the build. The tower above should be about 22 blocks high.

This allows mobs to fall down to the bottom where the player can then kill them and collect XP. At the top of the tower, there should be a dark enclosed space for mobs to spawn.

Water that leads to the base of the tower will help the mobs make their way to the bottom.

Check out this awesome tutorial by Voltrox on YouTube to help with the build:


#2 - Zombie Gold

Image via MCinstructabuilds on YouTube
Image via MCinstructabuilds on YouTube

Thanks to the Minecraft 1.16 nether update, obtaining gold quickly and with little effort is easier than ever. Of course, the building of this unique farm will require some up-front effort, however.

Players can collect a rich supply of gold by farming zombie piglins from the nether. These passive mobs have a chance of dropping both gold nuggets and ingots. There are a few different ways to go about this farm, but none of them are incredibly difficult.

One option for a zombie gold farm is to lure the zombie piglins through a nether portal and into the overworld where they can fall to their death. This can be accomplished by creating a large enough drop between the ground and an overworld nether portal so that the mobs will not survive the fall.

Placing hoppers and chests where they will land should collect any items they may drop.

Players can also make a secure location in the nether to collect items from zombified piglins. This tutorial by LogicalGeekBoy on YouTube will help players build a zombie gold farm on the bedrock roof of the nether:


#1 - Villagers

Image via Minecraft Wiki
Image via Minecraft Wiki

Perhaps the best farm a beginner Minecraft player can create if they are willing to put in the time and effort is a villager farm. Villagers can provide a wide variety of items to players rather than an abundance of one single item.

Players can trap villagers to continually make trades with them until they offer great deals with the items that a player might seek. There are so many types of villagers that offer a wide variety of trade items, so players have the opportunity to obtain specific items when farming villagers strategically.

Players can even collect every type of villager and eventually have access to an incredible source of valuables.

Though this kind of farm does tend to take some time to fully accomplish, the benefits of trading with an expert villager might be well worth the wait.

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