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Top 5 mods for world generation in Minecraft (April 2021)

The Lost Cities mod (Image via Minecraft)
The Lost Cities mod (Image via Minecraft)
Holly Ellison
Modified 02 Apr 2021
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There are all sorts of different mods players can download for Minecraft. These mods can range from one small changed game mechanic to entirely new sets of mobs added to the game.

Some of the most interesting mods, however, are ones that change Minecraft's world generation. This can be new generated structure, deeper caves, new ores, and much more.

These mods are also great for older players who have gotten bored with vanilla Minecraft's repetitive structure. Here is a list of some of the best world generation mods players can download for Minecraft. There are options for both high-end and low-end PCs, so any player will be able to find something new from this list.

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5 Best world generation mods in Minecraft in April 2021

#1 - Twilight Forest

The Twilight Forest mod can feel almost like an entire modpack at times. The mod affects the world generation of Minecraft and actually creates a whole different dimension within the game.

To play the Twilight Forest, mod players must first create a portal. This portal is a dirt four by four that lies flat on the ground. The player should then make an infinity water source within the dirt square. The player should place Minecraft flora on each block surrounding the portal. To complete the portal players should throw a diamond into the water. This should open the portal for players to jump into.


On the other side of the portal, players will spawn in a Twilight Forest. This forest comes with new woodblocks, taller trees, new mobs, and a twilight sky. Players can explore the Twilight dimension and see all the new biomes.

The Twilight Forest mod isn't just a different dimension with different biomes though. It also spawns in new bosses for players to battle in progression. The player needs a magic map to figure out where each mob boss is. The first mob boss that players fight is Naga.

To download Twilight Forest, players should click this link. Players should be prepared to fight for their lives and explore this magical dimension. This mod is still in development as well, so players can expect more updates in the future.

#2 - Serene Seasons

Serene Seasons is a mod created by the same developers as fan-favorite mod Biomes O' Plenty. This mod affects the biomes and forest in a similar way as well. It brings seasons to Minecraft.


These seasons include temperature changes throughout the Minecraft year, and foliage in the fall. Players are also able to plant different crops depending on which season it is.

To download Serene Seasons, players can click here. Keep in mind that this mod works very well with the popular Biomes O' Plenty mod found here.

#3 - Quark

The Quark mod was designed by three players Vazkii, Wire Segal, and MCVinnyq. These three creators call Quark a mix of changes they would add to Minecraft if they worked at Mojang.

This mod adds a lot of things all around. On their website, they display a full list of features included in the mod. Some of the most notable include their redstone changes, the addition of many different types of blocks, item frame variants, Nether compasses, infinity enchantments on water buckets, and so many more. This mod has over 136 features on it that affect almost every aspect of Minecraft.


This mod adds in changes to each dimension in Minecraft. Players can check out the new massive rock chunks and crevices in the underground. What makes crevices so cool is that they're large open expanses of stone in the underground, similar to caves, except they allow the player to walk around and explore easier.

Spiral Spires (Image via Quark)
Spiral Spires (Image via Quark)

These are only some of the features in this mod, players should really check it out to see all that it has to offer. If players are interested in downloading the mod, they should click here.

#4 - Recurrent Complex

Recurrent Complex is the perfect mod for players who are sick and tired of the same old, boring, naturally generated structures in Minecraft. This mod adds tons of new, different, naturally generated structures in Minecraft, as well as revamps older naturally generated ones.


Some of the most notable overworld structures that Recurrent Complex adds are forts, windmills, graveyards, towers, inns, and pirate hideouts. These new structures not only look nicer than the originally generated Minecraft structures, but can offer players newer and harder-to-get items. These new structures can also inspire players to build in different styles.

Players who are tech savvy can also customize this mod with their own structures. Players who want to download Recurrent Complex can click this link.

#5 - The Lost Cities

The Lost Cities mod spawns the player in an endless city. This city covers the entirety of the overworld. The inspiration for this mod was the real world of course, with large cities for people to explore, and now Minecraft is full of them as well.

The city is a lot of fun for players to explore. Some buildings contain treasure or loot, and players are free to explore each building or make one their home. There are giant highways and bridges that connect players with other parts of the city as well.

This mod is for players who are looking for a completely different feel to Minecraft. The Lost Cities mod can certainly be overwhelming for those new to it, but it can ultimately be a fun experience to explore all the different rooms and builds.

To download The Lost Cities, click this link.

Published 02 Apr 2021, 00:35 IST
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