Top 5 Minecraft Nether blocks in 2022

The Nether is a dangerous place (Image via Minecraft)
The Nether is a dangerous place in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

The Nether in Minecraft is a terrifying and hellish domain comprising dangers unlike anything players will see in the Overworld. The dimension has tons of hostile mobs and large pools of lava that gamers can fall into while traversing the infernal place.

Ghast, wither skeleton, blaze, and hoglin are some of the mobs that are found here in the Nether. Each of these entities deals an insane amount of damage or offers debuffs. Aside from mobs, the dimension is home to a lot of unique blocks, the coolest of which this article will list.

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Minecraft’s best Nether-based blocks in 2022

5) Netherrack


Netherrack is the cobblestone of the Nether. It is most commonly found block in the realm. The block drops fast and is extremely useful while traversing the dangerous dimension.

During their travels, Minecraft players often have to make their way across large cliffs with pools of lava below. Gamers can use netherrack to bridge the gaps or even create a portable cover if they encounter a hostile mob like a ghast, skeleton, or blaze.

4) Gilded blackstone


Gilded blackstone is a cool-looking block in Minecraft that can only be found in a bastion remnant. When mined, it has a 10% chance of dropping between two and five gold nuggets. This makes the block fairly valuable.

However, if it does not provide gold nuggets, gilded blackstone tends to drop itself. If players mine the block with a pickaxe enchanted with the “Silk Touch” enchantment, it will always offer itself as loot.

The exact location of a gilded blackstone block is under a bastion chest, which itself tends to have a ton of loot. Aside from its ability to drop golden nuggets, players can use this block for building due to its texture and design.

3) Soul sand


Soul sand is a popular block that many Minecraft players use. It is often found replacing the floor in soul sand valleys. When a player destroys a soul sand block, the husk of an agonizing scream comes from it, indicating that it is somewhat “alive." Additionally, walking on soul sand will slow down the gamer, making it difficult to outrun hostile mobs that spawn in this biome, like skeletons.

That said, one of the biggest uses of soul sand is in the making of a water elevator. All players need to do is place one such block at one end of the elevator, and the block will begin to produce an upward thrust. Using this contraption can make it faster and easier to travel from the ground to a structure up above.

When it comes to coming back down again, players can use a magma block to make the downward side of the elevator. This is because it has a downward thrust.

2) Shroomlight


Shroomlight is a light-emitting block that is found in crimson and warped forests. It works in a similar manner to sea lanterns and glowstone but has a different color and texture. The block also has a light level of 15, which is the highest in Minecraft and can be seen generating at the top of crimson and warped fungi.

Shroomlight is quite useful as it allows redstone signals to pass through it. Finally, if players want to mine and obtain one block of this type, the best tool to use is a hoe.

1) Ancient debris


The clear winner, ancient debris, is among the rarest blocks in Minecraft. With a spawning chance of around 0.004% per chunk, the block is extremely hard to find and is mostly generated inside the netherrack in the form of blobs. It also has a small chance of spawning inside bastion remnant chests.

Each block of ancient debris is smelted down and turned into a netherite scrap. four of which can be combined with four gold ingots to create a netherite ingot. This is the strongest metal in Minecraft, and Netherite is fire resistant and extremely durable.

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