Top 5 water mobs in Minecraft

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit
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The ocean is a Minecraft biome with unique properties and mobs that can only be found in or around water.

There is a wide variety of mobs that are exclusive to water in Minecraft, all of which have individual purposes and uses. Based on their item drops or coded behavior, some water mobs are arguably better overall than others.

This list will rank the five best Minecraft mobs that can be found in or near water.

*Disclaimer: This article is objective and reflects the author’s opinions.*

Best Minecraft water mobs

5) Fish

Image via Amino Apps
Image via Amino Apps

Fish are perhaps the most common of water mobs, but they are useful nonetheless. All fish mobs are passive despite the many different types of fish in the game.

Each individual fish type has its own use. Cod and salmon are great sources of food when cooked, and tropical fish come in thousands of different shapes and colors, making them quite unique overall.

4) Drowned

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

The drowned are the zombies of the sea in Minecraft. Although the drowned are hostile, there is one stark benefit of these mobs: tridents.

The only way to obtain a trident in Minecraft survival mode is to kill a drowned who has spawned in with one. Even then, there is a chance that it will not drop its trident, unfortunately.

However, once a trident is secured, players will have access to some pretty overpowered weaponry abilities.

3) Axolotl

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Axolotls are some of the cutest mobs in Minecraft. On top of their precious appearance, they come in a variety of colors. This means that gamers can collect every single type of axolotl if they choose to attempt to do so.

These mobs are passive, meaning they won’t attack Minecraft players under any circumstances. They will, however, fight against other water mobs they run into.

2) Dolphin

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Dolphins are neutral mobs found in larger ocean biomes. These mobs are utterly adorable and can be of great help to Minecraft players.

When a player is swimming, a dolphin can give them a speed boost to help them move through the water faster. Plus, when a dolphin is fed, it will lead that player to the nearest loot, perhaps in a shipwreck or a buried treasure chest.

Because they’re neutral, however, this means that the entire group of dolphins will attack a player even if only one of them is hit. So, gamers should be sure to treat their dolphin mobs with kindness.

1) Turtle

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Minecraft turtles are quite dynamic and perhaps the most unique water mob of them all. Unlike most other water mobs, turtles can exist on both land and underwater. These mobs are passive, so there are really only benefits to be had.

When baby turtle mobs grow into adults, they drop scutes. A scute is an item that can be used to craft a turtle shell, which is a helmet that allows Minecraft players to breathe underwater for long periods of time. Turtle shells are complete game changers and can be of immense use to gamers.

Additionally, turtles lay eggs to breed. They are the only mob in the game to have this complex but realistic breeding process. Adult female turtles will become pregnant after breeding, lay their eggs, then eventually baby turtles will hatch from the eggs.

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