What are the best uses for iron in Minecraft 1.18 update?

Iron is a versatile ore that can use to craft varied items in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
Iron is a versatile ore that can use to craft varied items in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
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Iron is one of the most easily available ores in Minecraft. After the 1.18 update, the ore distribution changed a lot, but what didn’t change was the fact that players could still readily get their hands on iron.

Iron is one of the most versatile ores in Minecraft that players can use to craft a plethora of items that have great use, especially when starting a new world. Iron ore needs to be mined using a stone pickaxe and smelted in the furnace to get an iron ingot. Players can also acquire iron ingots from chests within dungeons, villages, or shipwrecks.

Iron plays a very crucial role in Minecraft, and players need this ore to progress in-game. From crafting tools and armor to making massive automated farms. Iron is essential in all these aspects. Here's a look at five of the best uses of iron in Minecraft 1.18.


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5 Best uses of Iron in Minecraft 1.18

5) Tools and Weapons

Iron Tools and Weapons (Image via Minecraft)
Iron Tools and Weapons (Image via Minecraft)

Iron tools and weapons are very important when starting out in Minecraft. To be able to collect any higher resources such as gold or the most wished element, diamonds, players require an iron pickaxe.

The shield is another tool of paramount importance for players to have. The 1.18 update has made caves larger and darker, perfect for mobs to spawn in hordes. When exploring these caves, players need to have a shield to be able to defend themselves from the looming dangers.

Players can also craft flint and steel, which can be used to activate a Nether Portal or light anything on fire. Iron tools are just one step below diamonds and while they may not have as much durability as diamonds, their importance cannot be overlooked.

4) Armor

Iron Enchanted and Unenchanted Armor (Image via Minecraft)
Iron Enchanted and Unenchanted Armor (Image via Minecraft)

With the new ore distribution, players can find iron ore generating in massive veins on Y level 80 and above, with the highest chance of finding them at Y level 232. Hence, they can stock up on iron even before entering any caves.

For players who love to slay mobs, iron armor is a must when starting fresh. Iron armor provides players with mid-tier protection. To craft a whole armor set, players require 24 iron ingots, which can be found quite easily. Players can also find a piece of iron armor in chests located in villages with blacksmiths.

With the correct enchantments, a fully enchanted iron armor can be considered better than unenchanted diamond armor.

3) Bucket

Lava, Water and Powdered Snow Buckets (Image via Minecraft)
Lava, Water and Powdered Snow Buckets (Image via Minecraft)

By using just three iron ingots, players can craft a bucket. Players can fill the bucket with either water, lava, or powdered snow. The recent Caves and Cliffs update made the terrain steeper and more dangerous to traverse. Using a water bucket, players can scale up gigantic mountains or go down into deep caves with ease.

By placing either Water Buckets or Powdered Snow Buckets players can cushion their fall and avoid getting fall damage. Lava Buckets can also be used as a source of fuel. One lava bucket smelts 100 items which are more efficient than using a coal block. Lava buckets are also renewable and players can have access to unlimited fuel.

2) Useful Blocks

Various useful blocks crafted using Iron (Image via Minecraft)
Various useful blocks crafted using Iron (Image via Minecraft)

Iron is the key ingredient in crafting various useful blocks such as anvils, smithing tables, blast furnaces, and more. All these blocks serve a higher purpose in-game and are extremely useful.

The Anvil is one the most important blocks to be crafted using iron. It helps players to add or combine enchantments, repair their gear or add names to name tags. An Anvil is an expensive block to craft as it requires 31 iron ingots but is worth it in the end. Another important block is a Smithing Table which is used to add Netherite to the Diamond tools or armor.

Without iron, players would not have access to various practical blocks that are necessary to take their gameplay to another level.

1) Redstone Contraptions


To be able to make any automated farms or Redstone contraptions, players require iron in great amounts. From making hoppers to dispensers, players need iron to craft such blocks. When building either a simple sorting system or large-scale automated farms, iron plays an extensive role in each of these builds.

Iron is one of the most useful blocks to have in-game due to its diversified uses. To be able to advance in-game and construct efficient and functioning builds, players need iron.

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