What do cows eat in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Cows can provide players with a lot of valuable resources in Minecraft (Image via iDeactivateMC/YouTube)
Cows can provide players with a lot of valuable resources in Minecraft (Image via iDeactivateMC/YouTube)
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Cows are very important mobs in Minecraft. Aside from being gentle giants that happen to look very cute, cows provide numerous resources for players.

Cows are one of the best mobs to have on a farm, thanks to the items they provide. Items such as milk and beef remain relevant and are quite important through an entire playthrough. To maximize their potential and breed more cows, they need to be fed a specific food item. Here is what cows love to eat in Minecraft.

What cows eat in Minecraft Bedrock Edition explained


There are multiple ways that players can farm cows. While redstone contraptions that can make cow farms that generate thousands of leather and beef an hour do exist, players looking to farm cows the old-fashioned way need to know what to feed them to grow their farm population. A cow's diet is relatively simple and easy to remember.


Cows, like many other animals in Minecraft, love to consume wheat. Players should feed their cows some wheat when they want them to breed. If a player wants a cow to follow them into an enclosure, the player should simply hold some wheat.

When a player holds wheat, a cow will follow them anywhere they go unless they are separated by six blocks. This is a good way to move animals between areas.

How players can get wheat in Minecraft


Players who are looking to grow wheat can get it in a few different ways. The most common way to obtain wheat is to break grass blocks until they obtain seeds.

Once a player receives seeds, they can plant them in a dirt block and wait for their wheat crop to grow. Fully grown wheat drops the wheat item and up to 4 seeds. Players can also place a hay bale on a crafting table to gain nine wheat.

How to breed cows


Once the player has obtained the wheat, they need to have at least two adult cows to initiate breeding. To breed cows, players must feed a cow some wheat until it enters love mode. This is shown by the cow having red hearts above its head.

Then, simply feed the other nearby cow wheat until it also enters love mode. Once both cows are in love mode, they will go towards each other and spawn a calf.

Players who breed cows will have a wealth of resources


When players create a farm, the intention is to have a lot of resources that are easy to gather. For cows, this means leather, milk, and beef.

Leather can be used to craft armor, saddles, and other important items. Milk can help players remove status effects that are on them, and beef can restore a player's hunger. These items make cow farming quite valuable.

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