What happened in Dream's Minecraft Speedrunner VS 2 Assassins?

(Image via Dream)
(Image via Dream)
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On July 27th, 2021, Dream's latest installment to his hit series, Minecraft Manhunt, "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 2 Assassins," premiered.

The video featured the infamous speedrunner himself alongside both George "GeorgeNotFound" Davidson and Nick "Sapnap." As with most of these challenges, there was a modded element putting both the speedrunner and assassins at equal advantages and disadvantages.

This time, they modded a feature that made it so that Dream could be defeated in one hit. That being said, he can freeze either of the assassins at a time by looking at them. If he keeps looking at either of them, he'll be able to keep them frozen for long periods.

After over thirty minutes of close calls and clever clutches, the assassins won by outsmarting the speedrunner and cornering him as soon as he went through his nether portal and entered the fiery region.

How did Dream's "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 2 Assassins" end?


Dream's latest video took quite a few dips and turns, despite the outcome ending in both the assassins' victory.

Although Sapnap, Dream, and George all had roles in creating the mod that allowed them to set up this video. They don't get the time to strategize with the mod and discover what other advantages and disadvantages each of their specific mechanics allow.

This results in several "on the fly" clutches and strategies that further push both sides to think outside the box.

In this vein, Dream first discovered that he could easily drown either of the assassins. This started when he looked over at the approaching assassins after he fled to an island on the water. The maneuver trapped the two underwater, killing Sapnap.

Dream managed to camp underwater for a bit in an attempt to bait the two assassins into swimming deep down so he could easily freeze and drown them. Although this strategy was clever, it was quickly counteracted.

After this came several close calls. George and Sapnap were out for blood, and they weren't letting the speedrunner's clever clutches slow down their mission to assassinate the target.

While digging up to get out of a cave, the speedrunner surfaced right below where the assassins were digging down to reach him. Their fists were being flung rapidly at the speedrunner, but he managed to keep them frozen and slipped out of the hole well enough to not be hit.

Dream's small victory didn't last nearly long enough. As he would soon be cornered again in a close call at the end of a cave. Digging up, he hit a pocket of gravel that fell, kept him in place, and began suffocating him. This would also mean that the assassins below him could easily, and quickly, destroy the blocks underneath him.

Dream managed to build up fast enough to put some space between him and the assassins. He would also find another pocket of gravel to rain down on the pursuers below him, once again killing Sapnap.

George built up to where the speedrunner was hiding, coming dangerously close to killing the latter. Dream froze him and dropped gravel down the hole he was ascending through, killing George.

This, in the end, would ward off both assassins for enough time that the speedrunner could start building a nether portal. Although, as we know, that action would end up being the beginning of the end.

The assassins managed to sneak up on the speedrunner, but Sapnap was ultimately killed by a creeper. George was mysteriously absent at the time, still trying to find the cave that the speedrunner was in.

Dream completed his nether portal and went through to the nether. Unfortunately, George was there waiting for him. He killed the speedrunner in one hit and ended his run in a victory for the assassins.

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