Which mob is worth voting in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022? Exploring the features of every candidate

The three mob options (Images via Mojang)
The three mob options (Images via Mojang)

The Minecraft Live Mob Vote for 2022 is coming in just a few days. The latest three candidates will go head-to-head in a widespread vote to determine the winner, which will be announced during a livestream.

The Tuff Golem, Sniffer, and Rascal all have good things to bring to the game, but only one of them can win. The other two will probably never see the light of day.

As a result, this vote is important and it's important to make the right choice. To do so, voters must be totally educated on what the mobs do and what they will bring to the game. Here's what you need to know about each one prior to the vote.

Minecraft Mob Vote: What to know about Tuff Golem, Sniffer and Rascal

With just a couple of days left before the vote, it seems like the information at hand is all gamers will get, so here's everything on each option.

The Sniffer was the first mob announced. Like all the mobs available in this year's vote and Allay (last year's winner), it is helpful. It will not be hostile, as the last two Mob Votes have refrained from adding a hostile mob after the Iceologer lost in 2020.

The Sniffer is going to be a mob that can hatch from eggs found underwater. These mobs will then go about sniffing for seeds buried in the dirt. Should they find a seed, they will be able to dig it up. Players can collect it, though it is possible that the Sniffer could bring the seeds to them.


If it wins, the teaser trailer intimated that new plants would be added as well. There are currently only six types of seeds in the game, so the Sniffer wouldn't have much to do.

Those seeds are also not usually buried, so the gameplay might change a little as well. A vote for the Sniffer would not be a vote entirely for a mob, but rather for the mob and the changes it may bring.

The second mob is the Rascal. This Minecraft mob will spawn deep in caves and play hide and seek with players. Upon a third successful find, the Rascal will give players a reward.


The Minecraft teaser trailer gave an enchanted pickaxe. The rewards will probably vary but have the potential to be very good. As of right now, it doesn't seem like the gameplay will change all that much with the addition of the Rascal.

The final option for the Minecraft Mob Vote is the Tuff Golem, which will finally give players a reason to collect tuff and a use for the tuff they inevitably get while mining.

Tuff Golem in action (Image via Minecraft on Twitter)
Tuff Golem in action (Image via Minecraft on Twitter)

The Tuff Golem is a statue that will carry around items like an art gallery. The teaser trailer made sure to mention that an "art exhibit" could be held if the mob won, so the potential for new paintings or even statues to be added to the game is pretty high.

The Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 begins on October 14 at noon EST.

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