"It's like I'm at my prime right now" - Gina Mazany is raring to fight Priscila Cachoeira at UFC 262 [Exclusive]

Gina Mazany
Gina Mazany
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Modified 05 May 2021

Gina Mazany is raring to fight Priscila Cachoeira at UFC 262. ‘Danger’ asserted that she believes she’s in her prime right now.

In conversation with Sportskeeda MMA’s John Hyon Ko, UFC women’s flyweight fighter Gina Mazany opened up on multiple topics ahead of her all-important fight at UFC 262.

Gina Mazany talks about being in her prime and is ready to emerge victorious at UFC 262:

Gina Mazany has gone 1-1 since returning to the UFC in mid-2020, in what is her second stint with the organization. After suffering a loss in her first fight back in the UFC in June 2020, Mazany dropped down from bantamweight to flyweight. The 32-year-old fighter put on a spectacular performance in her flyweight debut, defeating Rachael Ostovich via third-round TKO in November 2020.

Known for her aggressive and entertaining fighting style, Gina Mazany has lately garnered widespread praise for the improvements she’s made to her overall MMA arsenal, as evidenced by her incredible win over Ostovich.

Gina Mazany spoke to Sportskeeda MMA regarding her upcoming fight. Among other things, she lightheartedly touched upon the sacrifices that fighters make to manage their weight ahead of their fights efficiently.

As noted, Gina Mazany previously competed at bantamweight, and she’s notably shed a few pounds since moving down to flyweight. Mazany revealed that she loves food and cooking. Regardless, considering she has to stay close to her fighting weight, she limits the amount of food she indulges in.

Speaking of the sacrifices an individual makes as a fighter, Gina Mazany also noted that she’d often considered retiring from the sport of MMA. Mazany added, however, that she absolutely loves the sport. This love, in turn, motivates her to overcome all challenges and continue her career as a professional fighter.

Regarding her most recent fight, Gina Mazany pointed out that she did feel a strength advantage over Rachael Ostovich, particularly in the takedowns. Mazany indicated that she’s likely to have a strength advantage over most other fighters in the flyweight division, especially considering that she’s competed against much bigger fighters for the better part of her career.

Gina Mazany also gave props to Ostovich, referencing the latter’s recent signing with bare-knuckle organization BKFC. Mazany noted that she’s happy for former UFC fighters Rachael Ostovich and Paige VanZant, who now compete under the BKFC banner.

Ostovich and VanZant are likely to be booked in high-profile spots on BKFC fight cards and earn a considerable amount of money in the promotion. While Gina Mazany is happy for her fellow fighters, she clarified that she’s unlikely to cross over into the sport of bare-knuckle boxing.

Gina Mazany believes she faces problems concerning hand injuries, despite wearing MMA gloves. She continued that bare-knuckle boxing would further amplify these hand injury issues.

Furthermore, Gina Mazany spoke about her move to Glory MMA last year and training under the tutelage of reputable MMA coach James Krause, who is a talented UFC fighter himself. Mazany noted that her move to Glory MMA in Missouri has been amazing, the people are kind, and although the climate tends to be a bit odd, she loves the abundance of trees in the area.

Gina Mazany also praised her teammates at Glory MMA, including men’s flyweight fighter Jeff Molina who recently made his UFC debut at UFC 261 on April 24, 2021.

Upon being questioned whether Priscila Cachoeira was the first fight offered to her or if there were other fights lined up as well, Gina Mazany stated –

“You know, I asked for some fights. But really, I just kind of leave all that in my coaches’ hands and my managers. Like, I just, I don’t, you know, at the beginning, when I first got with James (UFC fighter and Mazany’s coach, James Krause), I wrote a list of girls I wanted to fight. And it was funny because Rachael (Ostovich) wasn’t even on my list. I just didn’t even think about it. And then he’s like, ‘What about this girl?’. And I was like, ‘What do you think about Rachael?’ I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s a good one’.”
Gina Mazany defeated Rachael Ostovich via third-round TKO at UFC on ESPN: Smith vs. Clark (November 2020). Mazany continued, “And then they offered Priscila, and James was like, ‘I would’ve handpicked this fight for you’. And so I’m like, ‘Okay, I trust whatever you say’. But yeah, to my knowledge, I’ve never said no to a fight. But yeah, I literally leave all that into my managers’ and my coaches’ hands. My job is to fight. They make all the decisions.”

Additionally, Gina Mazany was asked what she thinks of the Priscila Cachoeira matchup and what her coaches have been telling her about it. Mazany responded by saying –

“You know, they say, obviously, they say, ‘It’s a good matchup for you’. And watching her, I think she’s very, like, heavy-footed. Like, she throws bombs. I’m sure she hits hard. She’s probably really strong. But I feel like my movement’s gotten really good. My head movement and just like, my overall striking, has gotten better. And like, with that I always have my wrestling and stuff and my ground game. And I just think that I’m a little bit of a better all-around, well-rounded fighter. And I think that I can really put on a pace. Like I get, I get really tired in fights, but it doesn’t; I don’t really stop. I just kind of keep going. Like, I don’t; I’m good about getting tired and keep going.”
“And I’ve seen some of her previous fights, and she tends to kind of gas. And I know she’s working. I’m sure she’s working super-hard. And I hope she is because if she puts on a good show that means I’m gonna put on a big show. Let’s make some cash. But I think it’s a good matchup for me. I think she’s gonna come out strong in the first round, and I think she might be; I might face some adversity in the first round. But I think the 501 roll when it come on after the first bell, like, it’s my fight. I think I might face a little bit of adversity in the beginning. But from then on, like, I’m gonna get on it.”

‘Danger’ reiterated that her overall MMA skills have significantly improved since moving to Glory MMA. Gina Mazany had words of high praise for her coaches, including James Krause. Mazany also noted that there aren’t many female fighters at the gym, but she makes do with the few female fighters available from time to time.

Gina Mazany was asked how she sees her UFC 262 fight against Priscila Cachoeira playing out, in response to which Mazany stated –

“You know, it’s; I’m not sure how I’m gonna win. You know, like, my last fight, I did not think in a million years I was gonna win by the liver shot. It’s something I throw all the time, and something I drop people with, but I just don’t know. I just don’t know, but one thing is I’m gonna find a way to win. Whether it’s on the ground, whether it’s standing up, whether it’s against the cage, I’m gonna find a way to win. I think I’ve just worked too hard and I have too many skills not to find a way to win. So, I think it’ll be a good fight. I really do. I think she’s gonna give me a nice tough look but nothing I haven’t seen before, in the sense of like size or strength – Because I fought really big girls before. So, I’m really excited to see how I feel against another 125-pounder.”

Moreover, Gina Mazany was asked if she feels she’s hitting her stride as a fighter and an athlete. Mazany replied by saying –

“I think so, you know. I feel like I’m in the best shape of my freaking life, and I’m like 32. I never thought, like, I found abs I’ve never seen before. I didn’t even know I had top abs. I thought I was like, ‘Oh, I’m just genetically weird. I don’t have those abs’. But I do, so, in my off-season, I walk around and I still kind of have abs. So, it’s like I think I’m just overall in the best shape. It’s like I feel like I’m in my prime right now, which I never thought I would be in my thirties, but heck, I’ll work it.” (*Please credit Sportskeeda for the interview and transcription)

Gina Mazany signed off with a smile as she prepares to compete in one of the biggest combat sports cards of the 2021 calendar year. ‘Danger’ is scheduled to fight at UFC 262, which will take place at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, on May 15th, 2021.

Gina Mazany will take on Priscila Cachoeira in a flyweight bout, and the winner of this fight is likely to receive a higher-ranked opponent in their next octagon outing. A win for Gina Mazany would be crucial in this fight, as the talented MMA stalwart aims to break through into the upper echelons of the UFC women’s flyweight division.

Published 02 May 2021
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