What made Mike Tyson quit in his last professional boxing fight against Kevin McBride?

Triller Presents Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.
Triller Presents Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson is still regarded as the 'Baddest Man on the Planet', but the 54-year old seemed anything but that in his last professional fight. At 38, Tyson was scheduled to fight fellow heavyweight boxer Kevin McBride. While many would have expected prime Tyson to make light work of McBride, the situation at the time seemed beyond the former's control.

After losing his previous fight to Danny Williams by knockout, it looked as though Mike Tyson would never return to the squared circle. However, after a long 11-month hiatus, 'Iron' was ready to run it back, one last time.

Contested on 11th June 2005, Mike Tyson and Kevin McBride were slated to take each other on at the MCI Center in Washington D.C. In attendance for the event were 20,000 eager fans, waiting to get a potential final glimpse of the man in action. But Tyson's new look was a pale shadow in comparison to his imperious old self.

For the majority of the fight, a slow and sluggish Mike Tyson was being picked apart by McBride. Although the Brooklyn native managed to keep his opponent at bay until the fifth round of the fight, a frustrated Tyson followed up by doing the unthinkable.

In an attempt to break-free from the clinch, Tyson looked to break McBride's left arm out of severe exasperation. The referee was quick to issue a warning, whilst a subsequent head-butt from Tyson led to a two-point deduction.


Did Mike Tyson quit?

During the culmination of the sixth-round, Kevin McBride led Tyson to fall on the canvas after shoving him. Ruled off as a slip rather than a knockdown, the controversial round finally came to an end.

But little did the fans know that they had just witnessed the final few moments of the legendary Mike Tyson. Shockingly failing to answer the bell in the seventh round, Tyson quit on his stool, further pronouncing Kevin McBride as the winner via technical knockout.

In what was an honest post-fight interview, Mike Tyson spilled the beans about his current feelings towards the sport.

I realised, I don’t think I have it any more,” Tyson said. “I’ve got the ability to stay in shape but I don’t got the fighting guts anymore. I’m just fighting to take care of my bills basically."
"I don’t have the stomach for this no more. I’m more conscious of my children. I don’t have that ferocity, I’m not that animal anymore. Most likely I’m not gonna fight again. I’m not gonna disrespect the sport by losing to these calibre of fighters.”

While many may hold Tyson accountable for his vices in the past, the impeccable boxer has certainly paved the way for many future athletes. Now, after recently making his comeback against Roy Jones Jr. in what was a thrilling contest, 'Iron Mike' seems to have revived his love for boxing.

Potentially scheduled to face long-time rival Evander Holyfield in a sought-after trilogy, Mike Tyson seems back to his old, confident ways.

What are your predictions for this highly-anticipated trilogy clash?

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