All Weaver's Will items in Last Epoch

Weaver's Will items are unique items that upgrade differently than others (Image via Eleventh Hour Games)

Weaver's Will items in Last Epoch are Unique items with a special stat on them, granting them the ability to level up differently. When you find a Weaver's Will item, it will have Weaver's Will written on it instead of Legendary Potential. The different leveling system on these items allows you to add more affixes to them and eventually turn them into a legendary item.

These Weaver's Will items in Last Epoch were recently added to the game, so only a few players know about them. That said, this article will go through all the Weaver's Will items that have been discovered in Last Epoch and how you can level them up.

All known Weaver's Will items in Last Epoch so far

There are currently 10 Weaver's Will items in the game (Image via Eleventh Hour Games)
There are currently 10 Weaver's Will items in the game (Image via Eleventh Hour Games)

There are 10 known Weaver's Will items in Last Epoch so far. These rare Last Epoch items are available for all the classes in the game. The currently known Weaver's Will items are all wearables, and there aren't any known weapons with this stat. Here's a list of all the existing Weaver's Will items in the game.

  • Ambitions of an Erased Acolyte: Relic-type item for Acolyte class
  • Advent of the Erased: Boots-type item for all classes
  • Code of an Erased Sentinel: Relic-type item for Sentinel class
  • Communion of the Erased: Belt-type item for all classes
  • Cradle of the Erased: Shield-type item for all classes
  • Dedication of an Erased Primalist: Relic-type item for Primalist class
  • Font of the Erased: Ring-type item for all classes
  • Gambit of an Erased Rogue: Relic-type item for Rogue class
  • Knowledge of an Erased Mage: Relic-type item for Mage class
  • Swaddling of the Erased: Gloves-type item for all classes

How to level up Weaver's Will items in Last Epoch

Just like the Legendary Potential stat in Last Epoch, Weaver's Will also comes with a number that determines how many times the item can level up. However, Weaver's Will items upgrade differently than items with Legendary Potential.

To upgrade an item with Weaver's Will, you must equip it and start killing monsters, and the item will gain experience just like you do. Once the item gets enough experience, it will upgrade, increasing its tier, adding affixes, and improving the attributes of its already-established affixes.

The number on it determines the number of affixes a Weaver's Will item can get and the tier they can reach—the higher the number, the more tiers it can upgrade, ensuring more affixes. An item can no longer be upgraded once you reach the highest number.

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