Diablo 4 guide - All classes being buffed and nerfed before launch

What classes are getting buffed, and which are getting nerfed in Diablo 4?
Diablo 4's classes are going to see some necessary changes before the game's launch. (Image via Blizzard Games)

Diablo 4’s beta gave players the chance to experience all the in-game classes before the official launch. One of the most important aspects of any beta for the developers is feedback and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. So, Blizzard Games has revealed some class balance adjustments players can expect at the time of the launch in an official blog post.

We also know that dungeon adjustments are coming and that Diablo 4 will receive story updates every three months, keeping the game alive and vibrant. Some of the class balance changes were certainly necessary, especially those pertaining to Barbarians and Necromancers. Time will tell how these work out, but here’s what’s coming to the game.

Buffs and nerfs being doled out to classes prior to Diablo 4 launch

The Barbarian

In my earliest experiences with Diablo 4, I mostly played the Barbarian. I did notice they were a little squishier than they should be, and they had more of a problem solo-ing than I’d like. Overall I did fine, other than one encounter, but not everyone was so lucky. So, Blizzard chose to give them some very important updates.


Barbarian changes

  • A flat 10% passive damage reduction has been added for the Barbarian Class. Some Skill Tree passives had their damage reduction effects reduced to compensate.
  • The Whirlwind Skill now deals more damage and consumes more Fury.
  • The Double Swing Skill Enhancement refunds its full Fury cost when used on Stunned or Knocked Down enemies.

I’m personally indifferent to the Double Swing change, but it could be incredible depending on how easily they can stun in Diablo 4. The other changes for this class? We have to determine their impact when the time comes.

The Druid

The Druid was the other class that really disappointed fans in Blizzard Games’ upcoming hack-and-slash looter. They were lacking so much, in the damage range particularly. Their cooldowns were bad, and the class was just not fun in Diablo 4.

Druid changes

  • Companion Skills will now deal heavily increased damage.
  • All Ultimate Skills have had their cooldowns reduced.
  • Usability improvements have been made to Maul and Pulverize.
  • Using a non-Shapeshifting Skill will transform a Druid back into their human form.

Personally, Druid was never my favorite class in Diablo 2, so I didn’t spend much time with this new version. However, I’m glad it’s getting some much needed love.

The Necromancer

The Necromancer was the class I put the most effort into because it’s my favorite of the ones available. I have to be honest, though - Diablo 4’s Necromancer was overwhelmingly powerful. The summons didn’t die enough, and the Corpse Explosion was too good. The class will be balanced a bit prior to the launch, and the brightness of the skeletons is going to be reduced.


It didn’t bother me personally, but I can understand the argument that the summons need to look like all the others in the game.

Necromancer changes

  • Summoned Minions will die more often, requiring players to utilize Corpses more often.
  • Many bonuses in the Book of the Dead have had their stats increased.
  • The damage dealt by the Corpse Explosion skill has been reduced.
  • The brightness of the Skeletal Warriors and Mages has been reduced.

It’s not all negatives for Necromancers in Diablo 4, though. The Book of the Dead is going to be buffed, which is a good thing because it didn’t feel so great. That said, having an extra skeleton was fun.

The Rogue

I rather enjoyed the Rogue in the Diablo 4 beta sessions I took part in last month. It was way more fun in a group because the damage by itself is a little lackluster.


The Imbuements being nerfed (cooldown) is probably for the best, though. I’ll have to reserve judgment on the Rogue until I’m hands-on again, but I feel like the changes will be good, given my experience.

Rogue changes

  • Upgrades for Subterfuge Skills have had their bonuses increased.
  • Multiple passive Skills have had their bonuses increased.
  • All Imbuement Skills have had their cooldowns increased.

The Sorcerer

Though I didn’t play much with the Sorcerer, it was clearly the strongest in the game. My regular party for Diablo 4 did have someone that played as a solo Sorcerer, and they seemed to enjoy it.

Despite being powerful already, it’s getting some buffs. The Chain Lightning nerf is probably the right call considering that's what arguably made the class so powerful.

Sorcerer changes

  • Charged Bolt’s damage was increased and the Mana cost to cast has decreased.
  • Decreased the damage of Chain Lightning and reduced its effectiveness against Bosses.
  • Decreased the cooldown for the Incinerate Skill’s Enchantment bonus.Firewalls will now spawn underneath enemies more frequently when using its Enchantment bonus.
  • Increased the Lucky Hit chance for the Meteor Skill’s Enchantment bonus.

Fans of Diablo 4 won’t have to wait too long to see how this all turns out. June 6, 2023, is the launch date for the sequel to the fan-favorite horror action RPG. Diablo fans have a lot to be excited about in the coming months.

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Edited by Mohini Banerjee