Bret Hart

Bret Hart

Full NameBret Sergeant Hart

BornJuly 2, 1957



Relation(s)Stephanie Washington (m. 2010), Cinzia Rota (m. 2004–2007), Julie Smadu-Hart (m. 1982–2002)


Bret Sergeant Hart is a Canadian American retired professional wrestler who belongs to the Hart Family. He is best known for his work with WCW and WWE during the 1980s and 1990s. He is a WWE Hall of Famer and a grand slam champion. They often regard him as one of the best professional wrestlers of his generation.

  1. Professional Wrestling Career
  2. Championships and Accomplishments

Professional Wrestling Career

Early Years (1976-1984)

Hart began his wrestling career at Stampede Wrestling. During his time, he formed a tag team with his brother and won the tag titles. Hart also wrestled for NJPW and other European promotions before signing with WWF.

WWF (1984-1997)

The Hart Foundation and Intercontinental Championship (1984-1992)

After making his WWF debut, Hart joined Jimmy Hart's heel stable, the Hart Foundation. Hart began teaming up with Jim Neidhart to build the stable's tag team. His first notable rivalry was with Ricky Steamboat, which he lost.

In 1987, The Hart Foundation won the WWF Tag Team Titles from The British Bulldogs. In October, The Hart Foundation lost the titles to Strike Force. The stable wrestled with several opponents and teamed up with various teams during their time.


In 1990, The Hart Foundation won their second WWF Tag Team Titles from Demolition at SummerSlam. After over 300 days, the team lost the titles to The Nasty Boys at WrestleMania VII. Bret left the stable and began his singles journey. At SummerSlam, Bret Hart defeated Mr. Perfect to win his first WWF Intercontinental Championship.

In September, he won the King of the Ring tournament and another in 1993. Before Royal Rumble, Hart dropped the title to The Mountie. At WrestleMania VIII, he defeated Roddy Piper to win his second WWF Intercontinental Championship. Hart headlined SummerSlam in UK, where he lost the title to Davey Boy Smith.


WWF Champion and Montreal Screwjob (1992-1997)

At Superstars, Hart defeated Ric Flair to win his first WWF Championship. After a few successful defenses against Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, and Papa Shango, he lost the title to Yokozuna at WrestleMania IX. Bret began his feud with Jerry Lawler, which was regarded as the best feud of the year.

At Royal Rumble, Owen and Bret Hart lost their tag team match, which led to Owen turning on Bret. Later at the night, Bret and Luger won the Royal Rumble. At WrestleMania X, Bret lost to Owen and defeated Yokozuna to win his second WWF Championship. After Mania, Bret and Owen began their rivalry.


Owen won the King of the Ring tournament and challenged Bret for the title. At SummerSlam, Bret defeated Owen in a steel cage for the WWE Championship. The feud was regarded as the best feud of the year and the match got a 5 star from Dave Meltzer. At Survivor Series, Bret lost the title to Bob Backlund.

A year later, Bret defeated Diesel at Survivor Series to win his third WWF Championship. Bret defeated several opponents such as The Undertaker, Davey Boy Smith, Diesel, and Hunter Hearst Helmsley before going to WrestleMania. At WrestleMania XII, Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart in an Ironman match to win the WWF Championship.


Bret went on a hiatus for eight months after his loss to Michaels. In 1996, he began feuding with the King of the Ring winner, Stone Cold Steve Austin. At Survivor Series, Bret Hart defeated Stone Cold. However, the rivalry did not conclude. Stone Cold cost Bret his fourth WWF championship against Sid. At WrestleMania XIII, Bret Hart defeated Stone Cold in a submission match. The match and the feud became the best of the year and turned Stone Cold into a fan favorite, and Bret Hart into a villain.

After turning heel, Hart founded a New Hart Foundation that opposed Americans and feuded with Stone Cold. At SummerSlam, Bret Hart defeated The Undertaker to win his fifth WWF Championship. At Survivor Series, Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels screwed Bret Hart, and he lost the title and left the company. The Montreal Screwjob is one of the biggest controversies in professional wrestling.



World and United States Championship (1997-2000)

In December, Hart made his Nitro debut for WCW. In April, he assisted Hogan and joined NWO. On Nitro, he defeated DDP to win his first WCW United States Championship. Hart's first major feud in WCW was with Sting, which he lost. After Sting, Hart called Goldberg out and got a visual pinfall over him. Hart took a hiatus for over four months because of a groin injury and his brother's death.

In 1999, Hart returned and became a four-time WCW United States Champion. After losing the title, he won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and WCW World Tag Team Championship with Goldberg. At Starrcade, he defended the title against Goldberg. During the match, Hart suffered three concussions because of a kick by Goldberg. After Starrcade, he vacated the title and regained it back. He vacated his title because of his injuries.



Hall of Fame and Vince McMahon (2005-2019)

In 2005, Stone Cold inducted him into the Hall of Fame. In 2010, he officially returned to WWE and began a storyline with Vince McMahon. At WrestleMania XXVI, he faced Vince McMahon and won. After his feud with McMahon, he became the RAW General Manager. On RAW, he defeated The Miz to win the WWE United States Championship. However, he vacated the title. An attack from The Nexus wrote him off the television. He made several sporadic appearances for the company on major shows and pay-per-views.


AEW (2019)

At Double or Nothing 2019, he made his AEW debut and unveiled the new AEW World Championship.


Championships and Accomplishments

ChampionshipNumber of Times
Stampede International Tag Team Championship5
Stampede British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Championship3
Stampede North American Heavyweight Championship6
Stampede Wrestling Hall of Fame1
WCW World Heavyweight Championship2
WCW United States Heavyweight Championship4
WCW World Tag Team Championship1
WWF Championship5
WWE United States Championship1
WWF Intercontinental Championship2
WWF Tag Team Championship2
King of the Ring2
Royal Rumble1
WWE Hall of Fame2
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