Finn Balor

Finn Balor

Full NameFergal Devitt

BornJuly 24, 1981




Fergal Devitt’s first tenure as a professional wrestler was with NWA. After training at their performance centre, he made his debut for the promotion when he was 18 that marked the beginning of his career in 2000. He won the NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship and started touring across Ireland, United Kingdom and United States. He soon started his own wrestling promotion NWA Ireland which was later promoted as a sister group of NWA UK Hammerlock. But this was just the beginning.

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finn balor

Finn Balor Wrestling Career

He made a name for himself all across the wrestling fraternity during his time in the New Japan Pro-Wrestling. In 2006, Devitt signed a contract with NJPW and made his debut as Prince Devitt. Interestingly, Devitt reveled that he was renamed at NJPW because the audience had a tough time trying to pronounce his name. Little did they know that they had decided the most apt name for the man who was on his way to become the king.

In Wrestle Land brand (NJPW’s brand exclusive event), Devitt debuted his masked gimmick known as the second Pegasus Kid. In 2009 he formed a team with Ryusuke Taguchi known as Apollo 55. The same year he entered the 2009 Best of the Super Juniors tournament and began his quest for the title. He won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship for the first time in 2010 after defeating Marufuji in the finals.

 After having defended his IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championshiptitle against Kenny Omega, he was defeated by Omega and Kota Ibushi took on Devitte and Taguchi to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship. He continued to impress the onlookers for the next few years until he changed his destiny by joining the Bullet club in 2013.

Finn Balor WWE

In the same year, Devitt entered the Best of the Super Juniors and won in his block with a clean record of eight wins. Later, he went against the liked of Kenny Omega to win his second Best of the Super Juniors.

In the early 201, Devitt’s long title reign came to an end and he eventually turned on the Young Bucks (newest member of the Bullet club) who interfered in his match against his will. He had his last fight in the promotion against Taguchi before he decided to enter the WWE Universe.

Devitt made his WWE debut in 2014 under the ring name, Finn Balor. During his NXT days, Balor fought against the likes of Kevin Owens for his first ever shot at the title. After an unsuccessful first attempt, Balor defeated Owens at The Beast in the East in Tokyo and again defended his title NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.

Later that year, Balor became the longest reigning NXT Champion in history by surpassing Neville's previous record of 287 days. After losing his title, Balor was soon called up on the main roster where he was drafted to WWE’s flagship show, RAW. He defeated Seth Rollins to become the first Universal Champion but had to vacate his first ever world title after injury.

finn balor

Soon after his return, he fought against all the challenges to earn a shot at the title that he never lost. Meanwhile, his Demon King persona had become one of the favourite gimmicks and he continued to earn praise without any title in hand.

He started the year 2018 with forming the Bullet Club and has teased heel turns at several instances. He also competed in his first ever Royal Rumble match and lasted inside the ring for 57 minutes, thereby becoming the Iron Man of the match. 

Currently he is in a feud with Seth Rollins and The Miz or the Intercontinental Championship as WWE is headed towards WrestleMania 34. Balor has continued to impress the crowd with every passing week. Moreover, his “Demon King” persona has been absent from the TV for quite some time now. Hopefully, Balor makes his way to the accolades he is destined for. 

During the October 2, 2019 edition of NXT, he made his return to the black-and-gold brand by interrupting the NXT Champion Adam Cole.

Finn Balor Finishing Moves

As Finn BálorAs Prince Devitt
1916 (Lifting single underhook brainbuster) – 2014–2016Bloody Sunday Lifting single underhook brainbuster, (sometimes from the top rope),
Coup de Grâce -- (Diving double foot stomp)Devitt's End (High-angle Fujiwara armbar)
-Prince's Throne (Fireman's carry double knee gutbuster)
-Shingata Prince's Throne (Overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack dropped into a double knee gutbuster)

Finn Balor Signature Moves

As Finn Bálor

  1. Float-over DDT
  2. Multiple kick variations
  3. Baseball slide between the first and second ropes
  4. Drop Enzuigiri to an opponent seated on the top turnbuckle
  5. Jumping corkscrew roundhouse - rarely used
  6. Pelé Kick (Overhead)
  7. Running front drop, knocking the opponent into the turnbuckles
  8. Football to the chest of a standing opponent, from the ring apron
  9. Lariat Reverse 1916 (Lifting inverted DDT)
  10. Sling Blade
  11. Spinning headlock elbow drop
  12. Multiple stomp variations
  13. Diving double foot to the back of the head of a bent over opponent
  14. Double foot as a counter to a running opponent
  15. Double leg takedown followed by a double foot
  16. Repeated rope-assisted
  17. Slingshot double foot, sometimes to an opponent on the apron
  18. Suicide somersault senton

As Prince Devitt

  1. Brainbuster
  2. Diving double foot stomp, sometimes to a tree of woe hung opponent
  3. Dreamcast (Jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick)
  4. Overhead kick
  5. Suicide somersault senton

Finn Balor Nicknames

As Finn BálorAs Prince Devitt
The Demon (King)"Irish Captor" (NJPW)
The Extraordinary Man Who Can Do Extraordinary Things"Irish Young Gun" (NJPW)
-"Real Rock 'n' Rolla"
-"Real Shooter" (NJPW)

People Also Ask

Who is the father of Finn Balor?

Fintan Devitt

Who is Finn Balor wife?

Veronica Rodriguez

Where does Finn Balor live?


Did Finn Balor win WrestleMania?

WWE crowned Finn Balor as the Intercontinental Champion at WrestleMania 35. WWE flip flopped the Intercontinental Championship from Finn Balor to Bobby Lashley yet again at WrestleMania 35.

Who is Finn Balor sister?

Briana Bálor

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