Full NameGlenn Thomas Jacobs

BornApril 25, 1967

Height7' 0"


Relation(s)Crystal Goins (wife)


Kane’s initial venture into the World Wrestling Federation came under many different gimmicks, as he spent time under the takes Mike Unabomb and the infamous Isaac Yankem DDS. Also, for a brief period of time, he played the role of ‘Fake Diesel’ – before ironically going on to face Kevin Nash in tag team action under the Kane moniker many years later.

  1. WWE debut
  2. Kane Unmasked
  3. World Heavyweight Champion
  4. The mask returns
  5. Corporate Kane
  6. Short Bio

WWE debut

The beginnings of Kane’s character came long before he debuted, as The Undertaker’s manager turned rival Paul Bearer began hinting at his arrival in the WWF. For months we were teased with the idea of Taker’s ‘half brother’ Kane making an appearance, after he had supposedly been scarred by the fire which killed their family as children.


Finally, after a great deal of build-up, Glenn Jacobs aka Kane re-emerged during the Badd Blood: In Your House pay per view as he attacked The Deadman during the first ever Hell in a Cell match. Kane wound up losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 14, and over the course of the next few years Kane’s character went through many transitions, which included a few face turns and a one-day reign as WWF Champion.

Kane Unmasked

A few years later in June 2003, Kane lost a World Heavyweight Championship match against Triple H, in a bout which led to The Big Red Machine taking off his iconic mask due to the nature of the stipulation that was put in place prior to the contest. This led to Kane becoming ‘mentally unstable’, as he turned heel before feuding with his brother The Undertaker once again which led to their second match on the grandest stage of them all at WrestleMania 20.

Kane then entered a series of odd storylines over the course of the next few years, which included falling in love with and impregnating Lita. Kane continued to tread water for a while, although there were some notable moments, which includes his tag team with the Big Show and the reuniting of the Brothers of Destruction (a team with his brother The Undertaker). Kane also captured the ECW Championship at WrestleMania 24 in a record breaking 11 seconds.

World Heavyweight Champion

After spending the majority of his time in professional wrestling away from the world title scene, Kane finally had an extended run at the top as he won the World Heavyweight Championship after capturing the Money in the Bank briefcase and cashing it in on the same night. Kane successfully defended the title against Rey Mysterio at SummerSlam, before entering a three-month long feud with the returning Undertaker who Kane had put into a vegetative state.


For the first time in his career Kane came out on top in a feud against his brother, as he was able to retain his championship against him in three consecutive pay per view matches. Following this, however, he lost the belt to the Rated R Superstar Edge before slipping back down into the mid card in time for WrestleMania 27.

The mask returns

After suffering an injury against Mark Henry in the summer of 2011, Kane spent a few months on the shelf before returning with a brand new mask and heel persona. He started up a high profile feud against John Cena as he tried to get the multi-time world champion to ‘embrace the hate’, before eventually entering into a rivalry with Randy Orton who he defeated at WrestleMania 28 in Miami.

In the months following this Kane once again transitioned into a babyface role, which included an amusing partnership with Daniel Bryan under the name ‘Team Hell No’. Together they became one of the hottest acts in the company, before Bryan eventually became one of the most popular stars of all time and restarted his career as a singles star.

Corporate Kane

Kane’s career took yet another bizarre turn when he pledged his allegiance to The Authority, which led to him becoming Corporate Kane as he started appearing in a suit without his mask on. He continued this role on and off for a few years, which involved feuding with the aforementioned Daniel Bryan, only for Kane to eventually form a ‘split personality’ gimmick which included the return of his mask.

corporate kane wwe

It led to him unsuccessfully challenging Seth Rollins in a match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and since then, his appearances as an on-screen performer have been quite limited. Nowadays he only pops up from time to time, with his last big rivalry ending at the 2018 Royal Rumble when he competed in a triple threat match for the Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman.

Short Bio

Glenn Jacobs may be the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. But sports entertainment fans know

him by another name- Kane.

Kane wrestled in the independent circuit before he made it to WWE. Kane would initially be known

as Isaac Yankem and even fake Diesel, after Kevin Nash left for WCW. However, he would find the

most amount of success as the storyline brother of The Undertaker.

Kane’s debut is considered to be the greatest in sports entertainment history. As Shawn Michaels

and The Undertaker took each other on in the first ever Hell in a Cell match, Kane would make his

way to the ring and destroy the cage door.

Over the years, Kane would play a variety of roles, from being unmasked to becoming a puppet for

the Authority as Corporate Kane. Kane has had one of the most celebrated careers in sports

entertainment and is considered to be the greatest Royal Rumble performer in the history of the

match with 44 eliminations. He has been a three time World Champion, in addition to holding a

variety of titles in WWE. Kane is best known as ‘The Big Red Machine’ in WWE.

Kane has also been a part of some legendary tag teams, most notably The Brothers of Destruction

and Team Hell No, with Daniel Bryan. He is a Grand Slam Champion and was the third man to

achieve this feat. Kane has also been a part of various movies, such as See No Evil, among others.

Even though Kane stepped away from WWE to pursue his political ambitions, he still made an

appearance at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view, teaming up with The Undertaker to take on D-

Generation X.

Ring Name:

  1. Kane


  1. The Big Red Machine
  2. The Devil’s Favourite Demon

Billed Weight:

  1. 323 lb (147 kg)

Place of Birth:

  1. Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain

Finishing Move:

  1. Chokeslam
  2. Tombstone Piledriver

Major Titles Held:

  1. ECW Championship (x1)
  2. World Heavyweight Championship (x1)
  3. WCW Tag Team Championship (x1)
  4. WWE Tag Team Championship (x2)
  5. WWF Championship (x1)
  6. Hardcore Championship (x1)
  7. Intercontinental Championship (x2)
  8. WWF/WWE World Tag Team Championship (x9)
  9. Triple Crown Champion
  10. Grand Slam Champion
  11. Money in the Bank Winner

Signature Moves:

  1. Backbreaker
  2. Big boot
  3. Clawhold
  4. Cradle slam
  5. Dropkick
  6. Enzuigiri
  7. Military press drop
  8. Clothesline variations
  9. Powerslam variations
  10. Suplex variations
  11. Running DDT
  12. Uppercut

Interesting Trivia:

Aside from professional wrestling, Kane, also known as Glenn Jacobs, is in the running to become the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. He also has a degree in English literature from the Northeast Missouri State University.

Win/Loss Ratio:

  1. Won – 864
  2. Drawn – 86
  3. Lost – 806

Entrance Themes:

  1. ‘Burned’ by Jim Johnston (1997-2000)
  2. ‘Out of the Fire’ by Jim Johnston (2000-2002)
  3. ‘Slow Chemical’ by Finger Eleven (2002-2008)
  4. ‘Man on Fire’ by Jim Johnston (2008-2011)
  5. ‘Veil of Fire’ by Jim Johnston (2011-2016)
  6. ‘Veil of Fire (Rise Up Remix)’ by CFO$ (2017-present)


Who is WWE Kane wife?

Crystal Maurisa Goins

m. 1995

Where is Kane WWE?

Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain

What is wrestler Kane real name?

Glenn Thomas Jacobs

Is Kane a Republican or Democrat?

Republican Party

How many times was Kane champion?

He is a three-time World Heavyweight Championship having won the WWF Championship once, the ECW Championship, and the World Heavyweight Championship once; making him the first person ever to hold all three WWE world titles.

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