3 new enemies that could arrive in Pokemon GO after Team Rocket

Team Rocket in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Team Rocket in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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A recent update to Pokemon GO has brought Team GO Rocket back for players to battle against and earn a variety of rewards.

It remains to be seen how long this evil organization will stay in the mobile game, though at some time or another it's likely Niantic will incorporate a new enemy for trainers to face-off against.

Here are three potential new enemies that players of Pokemon GO may be battling in future updates.

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3 new villains that may arrive in Pokemon GO

#3 - Team Flare

Team Flare (Image via Tom Salazar)
Team Flare (Image via Tom Salazar)

Team Flare is a villainous group first introduced in the Pokemon X and Y games. The organization is obsessed with vanity and the material aspects of the world, which seems odd for people living in a world filled with creatures that possess amazing powers.

Nevertheless, Team Flare would be an excellent enemy in Pokemon GO. Players could battle against their grunts and work their way up to face the group's leader, Lysandre. Potential rewards for defeating Team Flare members could even include one of their infamous orange suits as a costume.

#2 - Team Skull

Team Skull in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Team Skull in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Team Skull will be an innovative approach if Niantic adds them as a new enemy to Pokemon GO.

The group's primary goal is simply to steal enough money from trainers to survive. In addition, Team Skull is native to the Alola region, which means the prospective awards for defeating them could be quite enticing for players.

Beating Team Skull members in Pokemon GO could reward trainers with the highly valued in-game currency, Pokecoins. Successfully battling the leaders of the group could also yield player encounters with rare Alola versions of Pocket Monsters.

#1 - Team Galactic

Team Galactic (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Team Galactic (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Not many enemies in the world of Pokemon are eviler than Team Galactic. That's all the more reason why they would make for excellent opposition to players of Pokemon GO.

Team Galactic's leader, Cyrus, intended to wield the powers of the Legendary Pokemon Palkia and Dialga so that he can transform the world into whatever deranged vision he had.

If Team Galactic come to Pokemon GO, fans will be thrilled at the opportunity to earn some awesome rewards by beating them. Potential rewards could include another opportunity for players to catch Palkia and Dialga in the game.

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