Can you catch a shiny Unown T in Pokemon GO?

Official artwork for Pokemon GO featuring various Unown (Image via Niantic)
Official artwork for Pokemon GO featuring various Unown (Image via Niantic)

As an added bonus for Pokemon GO's Bug Out event, players will have the opportunity to battle an Unown in special raids. Unown are some of the most unique Pokemon in the franchise, with each form representing a specific letter in the English alphabet and two representing marks.

Given all of the different forms of this Pokemon that exist in the franchise, certain players may decide to take on the challenge of collecting all 28 forms. This ideology has even made its way into Niantic's mobile game after the first wave of these Pokemon were introduced in the game.

However, some players may not be satisfied with having each basic form of this creature in Pokemon GO and may want to hunt for the shiny variants. With the recent Bug Out event, players may be fortunate enough to see a raid that features the "T" variant of Unown.

Shiny Unown T in Pokemon GO: Fact or fiction?

Various forms of Shiny Unown in Pokemon GO (Image via Critical Slacker/YouTube)
Various forms of Shiny Unown in Pokemon GO (Image via Critical Slacker/YouTube)

Players on the hunt for a Shiny Unown T are in luck. This form of Unown (as well as various others in the game) can be found in their rare shiny variants. When it comes to hunting down Shiny Pokemon, there are some helpful tips to keep in mind before starting.

For starters, given that Unown T can only be found in raids during this event, players will need to gear up for repeated Raid Battles. While Unown aren't usually much of a challenge, the resources required to partake in countless Raid Battles can add up rather quickly. Luckily, there are ways to help circumvent this.

For example, in order to participate in Raid Battles, players will need Raid Passes. These can be quite costly in Pokemon GO and are roughly $1 each. Luckily, there are ways for players to indirectly earn these Raid Passes just by playing the game. Players just need to defend as many Gyms as they can possibly find.


Defending Gyms owned by the player's team for an extended period of time yields Pokecoins for players to spend at the in-game shop. Players can later purchase a single Raid Pass for 100 Pokecoins. However, it should be noted that the number of coins gained scales with time, so this is something the player must have planned out ahead of time.

Players can also use the free Raid Pass they get from spinning a Gym Pokestop. However, this can only offer a limited amount of help to those wanting to grind Raid Battles in order to get a Shiny Unown T. Though minimal, some support from Niantic is better than none in regards to grinding raids.

While it is unfortunate, players looking to grind Raid Battles in order to catch a Shiny Unown T in Pokemon GO are going to have to purchase as many Raid Passes as they need. While this can quickly add up in cost, especially for unlucky players, it appears to be the only way players can do so at the moment.

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