Can Glalie be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Glalie is an Ice-type Pokemon that evolves from Snorunt (Image via Niantic)
Glalie is an Ice-type Pokemon that evolves from Snorunt (Image via Niantic)
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Glalie, the Face Pokemon, debuted in Pokemon GO alongside the Hoenn region's aquatic Pokemon in December 2017( alongside its prior evolution, Snorunt).


Though some Pokemon GO trainers may have caught the Pokemon before, many are curious as to whether it has a shiny form that is available to catch. Fortunately, on the same day Snorunt and Glalie were added to the game, their shiny forms were also implemented.

This led to many trainers capturing a shiny Snorunt and evolving it, but these Pokemon are hard to come by. Fortunately, at the moment, trainers have an alternative way to capture a shiny Glalie without having to evolve a shiny Snorunt or find a shiny Glalie in the wild.

Capturing shiny Glalie in Pokemon GO: The ice-type Pokemon is currently a raid boss

Shiny Glalie as it is seen in Pokemon: Sword and Shield (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Shiny Glalie as it is seen in Pokemon: Sword and Shield (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Glalie can be quite tough to find in the wild in Pokemon GO unless there is an ongoing event. However, Glalie is currently a three-star raid boss, providing trainers an avenue to capture its shiny form as long as they have raid passes available and don't mind battling Glalie in a raid (likely) multiple times. Glalie can be defeated comfortably solo by an experienced player and is easily tackled by a group of two or more trainers.

However, the chances of a shiny Glalie appearing are quite small in Pokemon GO. Regardless, this raid method should provide more encounters with Glalie than attempting to search it out in the wild during the Season of Alola.


How to defeat and capture shiny Glalie in a raid

  1. Pokemon GO trainers hunting shiny Glalie via raids will need a lot of raid passes. One standard raid pass can be acquired daily by spinning a Pokestop's photo disc. Trainers can also purchase premium battle passes or remote raid passes from the in-game shop. All of these passes can allow players to access raids, albeit at differing distances. Events that provide event boxes for one Pokecoin occasionally take place, and these boxes can also provide raid passes.
  2. Once Pokemon GO trainers have their raid passes, they'll need to find a nearby gym hosting a Glalie raid. This shouldn't be tough to spot, as Glalie will occasionally pop up above the gym while it is available to raid. Trainers can also use the "nearby" menu at the bottom-right of the screen and switch to the raid tab to check for nearby gyms that are hosting Glalie as a boss.
  3. When trainers find their gym, they'll need to expend a raid pass to open or join a lobby. Once this is done, players will be placed in a lobby with a timer counting down to the raid. Here, they'll need to assemble their battle party to take on Glalie. Pokemon GO trainers have plenty of options to counter Glalie since it's an Ice-type. Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel-type Pokemon make for excellent picks to defeat Glalie.
  4. The raid will begin when the timer hits zero, and trainers will have to defeat Glalie in the raid battle. Once its health hits zero, Glalie will faint, and trainers will be given Premiere Balls in order to catch it in the upcoming encounter.

This method won't ensure that trainers encounter a shiny Glalie in Pokemon GO, but it's one consistent option that ensures players will enter catch encounters with Glalie.

Most shiny Pokemon have very small chances of appearing, so it can take several raid battles to encounter a shiny Glalie. Regardless, considering that the alternative requires finding several Snorunt or Glalie in the wild, this provides a window of opportunity that isn't always present, especially during a season focused on Pokemon from the Alola Region.

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