Can Misdreavus be shiny in Pokemon GO? (October 2022)

Misdreavus as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Misdreavus as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

After hearing about Pokemon GO's upcoming Spotlight Hour for Johto's resident Ghost-type, Misdreavus, many trainers are wondering if they will be able to find its rare shiny variant. Since the event greatly increases the spawn rate of such an uncommon Pokemon, players may not get this chance again for a long time.

As many experienced Pokemon fans will know, the shiny variant of every creature in the franchise is typically held in high regard. This is due to its inherent rarity. In the main series, the chance of finding one of these shining variants is close to one in 4,000, with the odds being even lower in the older titles.

Although having a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO does not provide the trainer with any tactical advantage over their opponents in terms of special move sets or stat changes, they are very neat additions to any player's collection.

Thankfully, Shiny Misdreavus is available to catch in Pokemon GO. With this in mind, players can begin to prepare for the process of tracking down and catching this rare variant. While there is no way to directly increase the odds of one spawning, there are some helpful tips players should keep in mind.

Tips for finding Shiny Misdreavus in Pokemon GO

Checking the weather provides an advantage when it comes to shiny hunting. Much like the main series, the weather of an area plays a big role in determining which creatures can spawn in a certain area. With Pokemon GO closely mimicking the weather of the player's location, checking the forecast is an important thing to do.

Players looking to catch a Shiny Misdreavus should keep an eye out for foggy weather. This is because foggy weather grants the highest chance for wild Ghost-type Pokemon to spawn. Apart from optimizing the spawn rate, there are other steps players can take to increase the chances of finding a Shiny Misdreavus.


Using Incenses is a great way to increase the general spawn rate of Pokemon around the player. These items work by attaching themselves to the player upon activation, and they boost the rate at which wild Pokemon spawn as long as the user remains mobile. This pairs well with another item, the Lure Module.

The Lure Module is another great choice for players looking to increase the general spawn rate of an area. Unlike Incenses, these items work by attaching to Pokestops and gyms. A player with an Incense that's walking around Lure Module-attached Pokestops will be able to maximize the spawn rate of the Pokemon they're looking for.

Finally, the upcoming Spotlight Hour for Misdreavus increases the spawn rate even further for the event's duration. Pairing this event with all three of the tips listed above can overload an area with the spotlight Ghost-type, thus theoretically decreasing the time it would take for a Shiny Misdreavus to spawn.

While there is no way to guarantee that a Shiny Pokemon will spawn in Pokemon GO outside of Community Days, overloading the spawn rate can indirectly increase the odds by shortening the time it takes for one to spawn. The Spotlight Hour that will be taking place on October 18 will be the best chance for players to find a Shiny Misdreavus.

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