Can Spoink be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Spoink's Pokedex entry reveals that it will perish if it stops bouncing (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Spoink's Pokedex entry reveals that it will perish if it stops bouncing (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Shane Foley

Many trainers are going to have a strong opportunity of catching a shiny Spoink in Pokemon GO.

It may not be the most popular Pokemon from Hoenn, but Spoink is a Psychic-type from Generation III. It evolves into Grumpig, whose 15 minutes of fame was being a part of Will’s team during the Elite Four rematch in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Spoink joins several other Psychic-type Pokemons with shiny forms that have been available lately.

Generation III Psychic Pokemon becomes the focus of a Spotlight Hour

Spoink will be hopping around during a Spotlight Hour on Tuesday, September 7th from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. Like all Spotlight Hours, Spoink will have an increased spawn rate during this hour, so trainers can easily come across a shiny Spoink.

This is the second time that shiny Spoink has been available just this week. During the recently finished Hoopa’s Arrival event, Spoink joined Jynx, Beldum, and other Psychic-types being attracted to incense; each with a chance of being shiny.

The recent focus on Psychic-types comes from the addition of Hoopa into the game. The Season of Mischief is dedicated to this Generation VI mythical Pokemon, and trainers were able to catch it during this event. Its alternate version, Hoopa Unbound might be released in a future event as well.

The bonus during the Spoink Spotlight Hour will be double catch stardust. This is a great incentive to participate in the Spotlight Hour, even for trainers who aren’t shiny hunting. Stardust is one of those resources in Pokemon GO that trainers can never have too much of.

Trainers will likely only be catching this Pokemon for the shiny since, well, neither Spoink nor Grumpig can really do anything in PvP. Grumpig can be a niche option in Great League, but it even has to compete with Medicham and Deoxys Defense in that meta. When it comes to raids, it is miles behind the likes of Espeon, Alakazam and Metagross.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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