Steelix with Breaking Swipe PvP analysis in Pokemon GO Battle League

Steelix with Breaking Swipe in Pokemon GO (Image via Sportskeeda)
Steelix with Breaking Swipe in Pokemon GO (Image via Sportskeeda)

Pokemon GO Battle League: Adventures Abound season kicked off on September 1, 2023. Along with a host of nerfs to over-powered moves like Spark, Sky Attack, and Earthquake, the new season also introduced new Attacks like Trailblaze, Scorching Sands, and Triple Axle.

Aside from this, existing moves such as Breaking Swipe were also given to older Pokemon to make them more meta-relevant.

One such recipient of Breaking Swipe in Pokemon GO was Steelix. Considering the Iron Snake Pokemon already has access to a plethora of powerful Charged Attacks, it may be worth questioning whether Breaking Swipe adds to the critter's viability in trainer battles or not. This article will give you a quick overview of that.

Steelix in Pokemon GO: Type, moves, and stats

Steelix (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Steelix (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Steelix is a Steel- and Ground-type Pocket Monster, making it vulnerable to Fighting-, Ground-, Fire-, and Water-type attacks. The critter also resists six elemental types thanks to its typing.

It can learn the following Fast Attacks:

  • Iron Tail
  • Dragon Tail
  • Thunder Fang

Steelix has access to the following Charged Attacks:

  • Earthquake
  • Heavy Slam
  • Crunch
  • Psychic Fangs
  • Breaking Swipe
  • Return

Steelix is an incredibly bulky Pokemon with a base Defense of 327 and a base Stamina of 181. It can also hit quite hard with base 212 Attack.

Is Breaking Swipe Steelix worth it in Pokemon GO Battle League?

Breaking Swipe is a Dragon-type attack that deals 50 base damage and consumes 35 energy. This makes it identical to Dragon Claw, which is one of the strongest bait moves in Niantic's mobile game. Additionally, it also lowers the opponent's Attack stat by one stage every time it is used.

The Attack debuff feature of Breaking Swipe makes it an ideal choice for critters with frail defenses since it allows them to take hits they wouldn't usually survive. A bulky creature like Steelix getting access to this move means they can bolster their already massive Defense stats even further.

In the Ultra League, Steelix running Dragon Tail can reach one Breaking Swipe in four turns. This means they can quickly lower the opponent's offensive prowess. Combine that with its Fast Move pressure with Dragon Tail, as well the threat of a STAB-boosted Earthquake, this Pokemon is a force to be reckoned with.

Steelix's erstwhile preferred moveset included Crunch instead of Breaking Swipe. The addition of the new move drastically improved its performance against the Ultra League meta.

To conclude, if you wish to run Steelix in the Great or Ultra League, you should definitely be running it with Breaking Swipe.

Best counters to Steelix in Pokemon GO Battle League

Even with Breaking Swipe, Steelix is not invincible. The following Pokemon can still give Steelix a run for its money:

  • Cobalion with Double Kick and Sacred Sword
  • Swampert or Shadow Swampert with Mudshot and Hydro Cannon
  • Obstagoon with Counter and Cross Chop
  • Talonflame with Incinerate and Flame Charge

The Adventures Abound season also introduced the Paldean Starters to Pokemon GO Battle League. You may consider using them in your battles as they bring some interesting elements to the table.