How to best prepare for Noibat Community Day in Pokemon GO (February 2023)

Official artwork for Noibat
Official artwork for Noibat's Community Day (Image via Niantic)

With February's Community Day event in Pokemon GO just around the corner, trainers everywhere are getting ready to reap the benefits of the beloved monthly occurrence. However, with a constant influx of new players joining the game, this Community Day may be the first for many.

Community Days are some of the most anticipated events in Niantic's mobile title. Not only do these celebrations increase the spawn rates of some previously rare creatures, but they also give them the added benefit of granting their final evolution a powerful new charged attack.

So, what should players know about preparing for such an event? Given how spawn rate-increasing events are a rather common sight in Pokemon GO, many may overlook making the necessary preparations. However, being prepared can make it much easier for players to maximize their efficiency, resulting in more or better Pokemon catches.

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Stocking up on Incense and Lure Modules among ways to get ready for Noibat's Community Day in Pokemon GO

Noibat as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Noibat as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Like with every event in Pokemon GO, players should make sure they have a consistent source of Poke Balls. Since they are one of the most abundant resources in the game, this should not be difficult to do. Trainers can just spend the event patrolling a circuit of Pokestops or buy more from the in-app store.

Since Community Days increase the chances of Shiny Pokemon appearing, it can be infuriating for players to hunt all day only to realize they don’t have Poke Balls when they finally find one. Thankfully, Niantic has made it incredibly easy for trainers to nip this issue in the bud before it comes up.

Players can also choose to purchase the event ticket that Niantic distributes during every Community Day. This ticket only costs around $1 and gives trainers a bunch of different tasks to accomplish, which rewards them with items that help out during the event. It also grants players encounters with the spotlight creature and its evolution.


Having a decent stock of spawn rate-boosting items can also be great for trainers looking to catch as many Pokemon as possible. Whether it's grinding for perfect IVs or Noibat candies, making more creatures spawn in Pokemon GO is typically a good thing. As such, players should make sure they stock up on Incense and Lure Modules.

Incense is great for players who plan on spending their Community Day in Pokemon GO walking around and patrolling a certain area. These items work by attaching themselves to the player and increasing the spawn rate around their avatar for as long as the trainer remains mobile. The effect works if the player is stationary but noticeably less effective.

Lure Modules, on the other hand, will greatly benefit trainers who like to stay home during the event and live in densely populated areas with tons of Pokestops nearby. They work very similarly to Incense, except they attach to Pokestops and increase the general spawn rate around said locations. This means the effect remains active even if the player chooses to stay in one spot.

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