How to catch Dewpider in Pokemon GO

Dewpider as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Dewpider as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Dive into Pokemon GO’s Water Festival event and catch never before seen Pokemon, including a fan favorite. Among the new Pocket Monsters are Lapras (wearing a scarf), Tapu Fini, Shiny Binacle, and Dewpider.

Dewpider is an adorable Bug and Water-type Pokemon that’s weak to Flying, Electric, and Rock. Its resistances include Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, and Ice. To capitalize on the new Pokemon, here’s how to capture Dewpider in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO: Obtaining Dewpider


The easiest and most obvious way of catching Dewpider in Pokemon GO is to dress for a walk in the sun and find one roaming around. It’s good exercise, too. Unlike Tapu Fini, Dewpider can appear outside of Raids, especially if you try searching near landmarks.

But of course, finding a Dewpider around the area isn’t a guarantee. During the Water Festival, there will be two types of research players can perform: normal Field Research tasks and Water Festival Catch Challenge Time Research.

By engaging in either research-related task, users can earn an opportunity to catch Dewpider as a reward for their hard work. When it does happen, here are ways to improve your chance of catching Dewpider when he appears:

  • Razz Berry: Improves the likelihood that a Pokemon is captured.
  • Golden Razz Berry: Same as a Razz Berry, only more potent.
  • Nanab Berry: Some Pokemon move too much; Nanab Berries slow them down and make it ultimately easier to catch.
  • Poke Balls: Using a simple Poke Ball is fine, but a Great Ball is better, and Ultra Balls are even more powerful than the former.
  • Buddy Pokemon: Once a Pokemon is a “Great Buddy,” they can sometimes assist in catching Pokemon if a Poke Ball is nearly wasted.

Now it’s just a matter of catching the Dewpider. Remember that this is its debut, and a shiny version will not be possible now.

How to evolve Dewpider into Araquanid


Once a Dewpider is in your hands, it’s best to consider evolving at least one to fill in the Pokedex. Dewpider evolves into Araquanid, a much larger and scarier version of Dewpider. Other than that, it keeps its Bug and Water dual-typing.

To evolve Dewpider, gamers need 50 Candy. Of course, that also means catching more Dewpider. It would be most advantageous to bring Pinap Berries. Those increase the new version of Candy earned when catching Pocket Monsters in Pokemon GO.

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