How to catch and evolve Tympole in Pokemon GO

Tympole as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Tympole as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Pokemon GO has just released its Water Festival event. One of its defining factors is the global Water Festival Catch Challenge.

This capture challenge has sparked an interest in some of the more obscure Water-type Pokemon in the franchise. Enter the Tadpole Pokemon, Tympole.

It has recently become quite the popular Pokemon thanks to players discovering the potential of its evolved form, Seismitoad. Once fully evolved, Seismitoad gains the Ground typing. Many users consider the dreaded type combination of Water and Ground to be the best possible in the game.

With knowledge of Seismitoad, Pokemon GO gamers across the globe are hard at work looking for ways to add one to their collection. There is no time like the present with the current Water Festival event to really grind out the game for one.

However, some lesser experienced individuals may not know where to start their hunt.

Tips for finding Tympole in Pokemon GO

Tympole evolves into Palpitoad and then Seismitoad (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Tympole evolves into Palpitoad and then Seismitoad (Image via The Pokemon Company)

When pursuing any particular Pokemon in Pokemon GO, some preparations and planning must be done. There are many factors at play that determine what Pokemon spawn in the area the player finds themselves in. The first factor considered is the weather of the area around the player.

With Tympole's type of pure water, it only has an optimal spawn rate in one kind of weather condition, rain. With this in mind, players looking to catch a Tympole would be wise to check the local weather forecast before heading out. Those wanting to avoid the rain should bring their hunt to indoor Pokestops like cafes and libraries.

An item gamers can use to help during their search is the Rainy Lure Module. Like every other Lure Module, this one works by attaching itself to a Pokestop or Gym to increase the general spawn rate of an area.

However, the Rainy Lure Module significantly increases the spawn rate of many Water-type Pokemon.


Incense is another item users can bring along to assist in their hunt for Tympole in Pokemon GO. It is a classic item that has been in the game since its launch.

The item works by attaching itself to players and increasing the spawn rate of Pokemon around them. The effect stacks with Lure Modules as well.

Now that users have their Tympole, the next thing to do is evolve it. Tympole is a three-staged evolution, meaning that before individuals can get their Seismitoad, they will need their Tympole to reach Palpitoad first. In total, gamers will need to collect 125 Tympole candies to be able to evolve their Tympole fully.

Hopefully, if everything goes as expected, they will be able to get their Tympole and evolve it into Seismitoad. There is also no time like the present for grinding the game for enough Tympole candies as there is a boost activated to receive a double multiplier on capture candies.

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