How to evolve Slakoth into Slaking in Pokemon GO? (February 2023)

Slakoth's Pokedex picture in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The final Spotlight Hour for Pokemon GO in February 2023 is finally upon us. This week, the creature of interest will be the Normal-type Sloth Pokemon from the Hoenn region, Slakoth. While this may seem like another weekly event in the beloved mobile title, this occurrence is much better than many would expect.

Slakoth evolves into Slaking, the notorious lazy Pokemon that misses every other turn in the main series yet can still absolutely demolish a team, as those who have experienced Norman's gym battle in the Hoenn region will know. This sort of power translates halfway for Slaking, but many trainers may still find a use for it.

So how can players take full advantage of this upcoming event and evolve a Slakoth into Slaking? Is it possible to accomplish such a task in the hour players are provided for the event? Most importantly, what purpose would take on a Slaking in Pokemon GO do for a player?

Slaking and Family in Pokemon GO: Everything to know

Slaking as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Slaking as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

To evolve a Slakoth into a Slaking, trainers must collect 125 Slakoth candies. This should not be a problem, considering that nothing but Slakoth will spawn, and the bonus for the event doubles the amount of candies players will receive when they successfully capture a wild Pokemon.

Since every wild Slakoth caught during the event will have a base yield of 6 Slakoth candies, players only need to catch around 21 Slakoth to obtain this amount. This total of Slakoth does not include the amount players will need if they intend on using Pinap Berries. Doing so will decrease the required amount even further.

Once players have accumulated at least 25 Slakoth candies, they can evolve them into Vigoroth. This is the only stage of the creature that functions like a regular Pokemon in Pokemon GO, yet it still lacks the stats of a fully evolved Pokemon. While it may be used in unique Battle League variants, it lacks mainstream viability.


Once players have the remaining Slakoth candies, they can evolve their Vigoroth into Slaking. Slaking is one of the most exciting creatures in all of Pokemon GO. Despite seeming like another Normal-type stamina tank, much more is happening under the hood.

Slakoth is the most powerful creature in the game. With the highest maximum combat power value, many who know this would assume it is the best creature in the game. However, this could not be further from the truth. While its stats are impressive and have some potential, its fast attack holds it back and keeps it somewhat gimmicky.

Yawn is a signature fast attack among all "sleepy" Pokemon. This attack is the only one in the game not to deal a single point of damage. This move is used to generate energy. This leaves Slaking in an awkward position, as it cannot deal any damage outside of charged attacks since Yawn is the only fast attack it can learn in Pokemon GO.

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